EliteMeetings 57Wet Ink Presentations offer insights for implementing powerful new strategies through the process of innovation and idea generation (ideation). By definition, no two Wet Ink keynotes are ever the same.

No two audiences he speaks to are ever the same, so why should his keynote be the same? John creates each of his keynotes to uniquely fit the audience he is addressing.

Always timely and relevant, his keynotes track the marketplace impact of global events. When the markets tumble and bounce, what will be the boomerang effect on your organization? Wet Ink Keynote Presentations target the specific organization and industry issues your audience faces and the fleeting opportunities which arise in periods of disruptive change.

Integrating current information with compelling insights, John addresses cutting-edge strategies for driving growth and profitability. John states:

“Our actions are limited by our perceptions of reality. Smart companies are finding ways to think beyond perceived limitations to identify optimal innovations that will result in the greatest ROI.”


John’s business expertise and broad professional experience qualify him to speak on a wide range of business issues. A decade in operational management and executive roles, followed by years of global consulting, focused on Strategy and Innovation for organizations ranging from the Fortune 100 to start-ups as well as not-for-profit organizations and government agencies, gives John a breadth of perspective that few professional keynote speakers possess. And his ongoing international strategic innovation consulting and work as a strategic planning facilitator ensure the cutting-edge currency of his insights. It is from this broad experience that he draws in creating each unique keynote.

JDF Speaking MRA2John is a true iconoclastic visionary. Your audience will fully engage and learn more from John’s highly interactive keynotes, resulting in a greater ROI for your event.

Lastly, John is easy to work with. From the booking and travel arrangements to the room set-up, he is flexible. ‘Things’ really aren’t very important to him, as long as the venue presents a quality learning environment.

John is totally ‘people’ focused and his audiences sense this and respond. Although the content he delivers is in depth and high impact, he also believes that meetings and events should be fun! So whether its his humorous stories and illustrations or the playful way in which he engages the audience, your attendees will relax, laugh and learn more because of it.

Contact us regarding a keynote subject you would like John to address. Discover the synergistic potential of the creative solutions he will share with your group.


John’s INNOVATION Keynotes

Laughter raises audience engagement and receptivity to new ideas. Utilizing the following INNOVATION themes, John creates a unique keynote and learning experience for each audience based upon their needs.



INNOVATION: Oh the Thinks You Can Think!

John believes in deliering high content keynotes which provide readily applicable ideas and applications to his audiences.  That said, he also believes that leaarning should be fun and that when audiences are laughing, they are also more receptive to content that challenges their preconceptions and thinking.

Playing off of that masterfully creative author, Theodor Geisel, better known as…… Dr. Seuss, loved by children and adults alike, John engages audiences is a lively and entertaining look into how everyone can become more innovative if they will only stretch their minds to Think!

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Star Trek Innovation

INNOVATION: The Final Frontier – To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Star Trek was a futursitic program that broke new ground in science fiction and attracted a devoted worldwide fan following. But what has become of the imagined technology of Star Trek? Today, the Communicator, Universal Translator, Tri-Corder and many others are a reality.

In this engaging and mentally stretching keynote, John demonstrates how innovative thinking can transform your organization’s present limitations and problems into tomorrow’s opportunities. 

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Executive Innovation Globe

Innovation: Strategic Leadership Perspective on Open Innovation for Senior Executives

Innovation is successful when it permeates an organization and becomes viral and systemic – ingrained in the culture.  This is not a chance occurrence, but rather the result of a culture that has been led to accept open innovation as the leading dynamic driver of the organization’s future and sustainability. For this to occur, the organization’s executive leadership must be seen as fully engaged and committed to creating this culture of innovation.  

Innovation initiatives should arise from and be guided by the organization’s strategic plan.  Innovation that is startegically directed will return the highest ROI.

In this keynote, John delves deep into the the ways by which executive teams can move their organization from merely talking about open innovation or experiementing with it, to actually establishing innovation as the paradigm for charting the organization’s strategic future.  As with all of John’s keynotes, each time he presents he begins from a clean sheet of paper, to create a keynote that is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of that particular audience, in this case, senior executives either of a specific company or industry. The take-away is a clear and concise understanding of how they can create an organiztion driven and transformed through strategic innovation. 

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John’s Other Frequently Requested Keynote Topics include:

Speaking from a career spanning operational management and senior executive roles followed by decades of global innovation and strategy consulting, John addresses these topics from personal ‘real world’ experience.

Sieze the Day Carpe Diem – Seize the Day – Strategies for Gaining Market-Share
Sales Motivational Keynote Speaker WANTED: On-Target Relationship Selling
Customer Service Keynote Speaker “No Way? Awesome!” – Delivering Spectacular Customer Service
Teambuilding Speaker
TeamBuilding Speaker for Performance Improvement
WIN-WIN Negotiating WIN-WIN Negotiation – Strategies for Exceptional Outcomes
 Millennials & 4-Generation Workforce People v.2.0. – Understanding Millennials© & 4-Generation Workforce
Ethics Keynote Speaker Corporate Ethics & Governance – Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground


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