Strategies for Gaining Market Share

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Strategies for Gaining Market Share


Sieze the Day


While some firms shift to neutral and hunker-down to wait out an economic crisis, others push the throttle forward seeking previously untapped market opportunities. Everyone knows that in a highly competitive world standing still is never a good idea.

Smart companies energetically pursue innovation when they find themselves approaching a dead end. They Seize the Day. Intel Corporation, for example, today the world’s leader in the design and production of high value microprocessor (smart) chips was until 1981, the world leader in memory chip (SRAM and DRAM) manufacture. With the market for memory chips just beginning to skyrocket, Intel chose to the abandon that market and focus on the emerging processor chips, then a fledgling marketplace.

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Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!


Analysts thought that Intel’s leadership had lost their mind. Instead, they had looked ahead into the near future when the demand for memory chips would indeed rise into the hundreds of millions per year, but the prices would also drop precipitously, making them a commodity item selling at a fraction over production cost.

Drawing on principles and examples taken from years of international business experience, John demonstrates how to leave the competitive fray behind and develop a cohesive strategy for sustainable market leadership. The following are among the market strategies he addresses:


Strategic Partnerships Social Network Dominance Distribution Redesign
Product / Service Offering Redesign Renewed / New Customer Engagement Relationship Selling
Horizontal Integration Brand Redesign / Repositioning / Reintroduction Market Segmentation
Vertical Integration Product Placement Advertising / Public Relations
Strategic Acquisitions / Divestitures Customer Service Escalation Digital Marketing
Guerilla Marketing Loyalty Programs Product / Service Pricing
Internet Dominance Corporate Culture Reshaping Sourcing


Learn from organizations that have dared to Seize the Day, setting themselves apart from the competition to become the trailblazers of their industries. John Di Frances examines a collection of uncommon market leaders and their triumphs to illustrate key principles in market leadership.

He shares professional insights as he reviews the strategies underlying their remarkable successes. John provides innovative resources for beating the odds and gaining market share despite intensifying global competition.

John’s keynotes provide industry specific examples of market leaders, thereby maximizing their relevance to the audience’s unique circumstances. Learn from the best and gain a wealth of valuable market insights.

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