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sales-speaker-LgWANTED: On-Target Relationship Selling

To sell or not to sell that is the question…. and also the challenge. How do you convince the customer that the lowest price does not always mean that they have obtained the best value? In fact, the contrary is too often true. If the purchase does not produce optimum results, then the price paid, no matter how low, was NOT a good value.

Do your sales personnel focus on selling value or price? When salespeople say they sell the value of their products and services, the harsh reality is that they more often see PRICE as the primary deal maker or breaker. As in most pursuits, our perception becomes our reality. A defensive focus on price can become their worst enemy, essentially drawing the customer’s attention away from the benefits and on to the $$$ being spent. Successful relationship selling must, without exception, highlight value.

Ready, set…GO! How will your sales personnel outpace the competition? What is your strategy? Athletes run to win. While talent is essential, anyone can tell you it is preparation that takes the prize. A helpful, friendly attitude powered by good follow-thru wins the day in gaining customer loyalty. Customer support is the power behind any sales initiative. And here, attitude is everything. Even if an employee’s job is not direct sales, everyone representing your company is in effect a sales person. The investment you make in training people to consistently project a helpful, friendly attitude is paramount.

An older woman recently asked a stewardess if she would lift her roller bag into an overhead compartment. “I have a bad back,” the traveller explained apologetically. The stewardess who was no spring chicken herself and no doubt weary quipped, “How do you know that I don’t,” ¬†declining to help. Then she mentioned something about inadequate insurance coverage adopting a more respectful attitude toward the customer. Clearly, she had not intended to be unpleasant, but nothing could undo the damage.

Large retail stores offer products that small stores don’t carry, but most people prefer the experience of shopping at smaller, local stores, because they are more personal. They represent a slice of Americana and our connection with the past. In the local hardware store, whatever they are doing, they will turn to say hello when you walk in the door. As you walk down the aisle, you are greeted again and asked if you need help finding an item. Courtesy, attention and service – the peerless trio. A case in point:

One day, an old rancher drove up to a new car dealership in his beat up pick-up truck. Slowly strolling in the door, he moseyed around looking at cars and sticker prices. Being a slow time of day, only one salesman was on the sales floor and after seeing the old man climb out of his truck, he busied himself with documents on his desk. After a few minutes, the old rancher sauntered out the door and into his truck without saying a word.

Later that day, the sales manager went to the young salesman and asked whether an old rancher had been in. He answered, “Oh yes, he just looked around for a few minutes and then left without saying a word. He obviously had no money to buy a new vehicle and left after looking at the prices of the vehicles on the showroom floor.” The sales manager asked, “You didn’t approach him?” The young salesman answered, “No, it was obvious he was broke!” The sales manager informed him, “That broke old rancher wasn’t looking to buy a new vehicle for himself. He happens to be one of the wealthiest men in the county and buys a fleet of vehicles at a time for his ranching operations. He just called to say that he has decided to buy his fleet from the other dealership in town, thanks to you. And by the way, you’re FIRED!”

John Di Frances targets the fundamentals of relationship selling which begin even before first customer contact is made. The concept of value should permeate every aspect of the selling relationship yielding not only larger dollar and higher volume sales, but also satisfied customers who experience no “post-sale remorse.”


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