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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Among the business keynote speakers avalable for your organization's event, why is John the best choice? As a breakthrough thinker, he persuasively delivers the high value information your audience wants and needs. John Di Frances provides audiences with the actionable knowledge that enables them to successfully address the issues they face. Convention South Magazine named John "One of the Most Desired Speakers." With John as your keynote speaker, your audience will know that the value they will derive from your event far outweighs their time and expense invested in attending.

In a survey by Successful Meetings Magazine, 93% of participants rated informational content as the most important criteria for attending a meeting or event.  As one of the leading business motivational keynote speakers, John delivers experience-based content with practical applications. And yes, John is entertaining!

How You Benefit from John's Keynotes:

    Offers professional expertise and perspective. John is not just a speaker, but a business owner and consultant. His specialty — Complex Strategic Problem Solving.

    Provides updated information and strategies for enhanced performance and increased market share.

    Keynotes are never "canned" or "stock", but designed to your audience's specific needs.

    Inspires and captivates audiences. With humor and a gift for story-telling, John effectively transforms real world experiences into a blueprint for positive change.

As the outcome of your event is critical, so is your selection of your keynote speakers. Whether the event is a annual business association meeting, corporate conference, sales meeting, or other event, you carefully coordinate and plan every aspect to maximize value for the attendees. As your keynote speaker, John Di Frances will achieve your meeting's objectives.

"Time is money" and the investment of those attending should deliver a solid ROI. Although the location and setting are important, what your attendees hear, absorb and then take away as useful and actionable knowledge will ultimately determine the success of your event.

"As a keynote speaker, my goal is to equip people to overcome challenges, empowering them to 'see' opportunities."

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Contact us at 262.968.9850 - - - 208 E. Oak Crest Drive, Suite 200, Wales, Wisconsin 53183-9700

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Are you looking for motivational business keynote speakers? Contact us to schedule a conference call with John to discuss your program needs. As each keynote he delivers is crafted uniquely for that specific audience, John can accomodate most requests by program organizers to incoporate unique content or address specific issues. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with John.



Keynote Professional Speakers

Since 1985, speaking professionally has formed a significant aspect of John's work. Not many keynote speakers have the wide ranging global business experience John does. Over three decades of working across a broad range of client industries and multiple continents, enables John to create his speeches to include a broad variety of stories, examples and illustrations.

He addresses audiences internationally on a broad range of business trends, current concerns and business issues. Among keynote speakers, Johns brings a unique perspective, vitality and increased excitement to all kinds of events and meetings. Including John as one of your keynote speakers ate your event will great audience benefit.

Any time your event calls for a well respected business keynote speaker, call upon John to bring his skill as a keynote speaker to your audience.

Professional Keynote Speakers

Public Keynote Speakers

Often times, the term 'Public Speaker' causes confusion, as people are more accustomed to hearing of 'Professional Keynote Speakers' as opposed to 'Public Speaker'. However, the terms are interchangeable. Public keynote speakers are those who speak publicly, providing keynote speeches for events that are 'public' within the general meaning of the term. For instance, a keynote speech that is presented at company event, although not open to the general public, would still be an event at which public keynote speakers would deliver keynote addresses, as the audience is the 'public' of that company.

Referring to a keynote speakers as public keynote speakers has the same meaning. Thus the term, 'professional' refers to keynote speakers who are hired, versus those speaking without pay.


Keynote Public Speakers

Business Keynote Speakers

Frequently businesses need the professional services of keynote speakers. Today, business keynote speakers provide keynotes for a wide range of events sponsored by companies.

Having an unbiased perspective of one who is outside of the organization, business keynote speakers offer a fresh point of view that is refreshing and beyond the company's internal politics. In this manner, business keynote speakers can offer ideas and suggest to their audience lines of inquiry that are not popular or which to that time have not been recognized. Most veteran motivational keynote business speakers also use the power of humor to highlight internal inconsistencies or incongruities within the organization, which often results in much needed introspection.

Business keynote speakers create value for organizations and audiences and John Di Frances is one of the best at doing so..

Keynote Business Speakers

Motivational Keynote Speakers

Motivational keynote speakers fill a very real need in the business world today. Given the economic hardships that face many industries and companies as well as the pressures on employees to 'do more with less,' there is much unhappiness in the workplace. As much as 75-80% of the workforce in most companies is unhappy with their employment. Motivational keynote speakers can impact these workers positively.

The problem with many motivational keynote speakers who merely 'charge up' their audiences emotionally, is that once the 'charge' wears off, they may be even more unhappy than before. As a high content value business keynote speaker, John also provides audiences with the information they need to be more productive and therefore, more fulfilled and less stressed. High content motivational keynote speakers like John not only motivate, but also provide their audiences with the tools with which they can excel at their work. Such equipping and empowering is the work of high content keynote motivational keynote speakers.

Keynote Motivational Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers form an important part of a meeting's or event's outcomes. Audiences look forward in anticipation to the keynote speakers. We live in an age in which professionalism is highly touted and where the entertainment industry has raised our expectations to where audiences expect in keynote presentations. take a look at the next major event you attend in terms of the staging and lighting. Thousands or ten of thousands of dollars are regularly invested by corporations and large associations for staging and lighting in order to make their events memorable for the audience.

With such expenditures for mere 'backdrops' having become routine, the audiences' expectation has also heightened in regard to keynote speakers. More than ever before professionalism and even a bit of showmanship are essential for keynote speakers. Simultaneously, it is high value content that keeps audiences and sponsors returning year after year.

Wise program sponsors and meetings professionals know that their investment into one or more professional motivational keynote speakers for their event will repay their investment with large dividends, provided they have selected motivational keynote speakers who can consistently deliver.

There are very few keynote speakers who can match John's breadth of business experience. Your audience will be amazed at the insights and understanding he demonstrates as a keynote speaker and will be equipped to turn the information he presents in action.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers| Keynote Speaker | Motivational Keynote Speakers

Business keynote speakers can add significant value to your meetings, conference and events.


Contact for us for Keynote Motivational Speakers

Ideation Keynote Speakers

Ideation keynote speakers provide information critical to every organization that seeks to spur creative ideation internally. Keynote ideation speakers can introduce the organization to powerful new ideas. They can also introduce new concepts that will jump-start the ideation process. Ideation keynote speakers can also provide powerful illustrations and examples of how other organizations have successfully instituted ideation initiatives that have resulted in solid gains.

When your next meeting calls for one or more professional keynote ideation speakers, think John Di Frances and think ideation speaker. He will challenge your group to think in new ways and to seek opportunities to utilize the poser of ideation to accelerate progress.

Keynote Ideation Speakers

Innovation Keynote Speakers

John is an experienced and highly skilled innovation keynote speaker who rocks his audiences' thinking. Innovation keynote speakers such as John understand that change of any type can be frightening to people and they help them to see the benefits that can result from such change.

Whatever type of meeting or event you are planning, remember that innovation keynote speakers will bring long term benefits to your audience, far out weighing the investment in keynote speakers' fees and travel expenses.

Keynote Innovation Speakers

Leadership Keynote Speakers

Leadership keynote speakers can significantly enhance your own internal leadership development efforts. John's 30+ years of business leadership experience in global management and executive roles enables him to deliver the best in organizational leadership thinking to your personnel. For excellence in leadership development hire John as your keynote leadership speaker.

Effective Keynote Leadership Speakers

Ethics & Governance Keynote Speakers

Ethics and governance keynote speaker John Di Frances presentations are founded upon a solid basis in truth. Although individual applications of ethics may differ by type of organization, the foundational principles of ethical behavior remain consistent. John's international experience as a governance and ethics speaker has resulted in changed attitudes and behaviors by attendees.

When your meeting calls for ethics keynote speakers, contact John to learn how he can provide your audience with the ethics and governance training they need.

Keynote Ethics Speakers - Keynote Governance Speakers

Sales Keynote Speakers

Whatever the nature of your organization and event, large national meeting or a smaller regional meeting, John is the right sales keynote speaker for you. Among motivational sales keynote speakers John will make a believer out of your sales force.

Value Selling Keynote Sales Speakers

Marketing Keynote Speakers

Keynote marketing speaker John Di Frances brings fresh insights to his audiences. With markets changing so quickly today, marketing strategies that worked so well just yesterday are probably already becoming passe.

Among high content marketing keynote speakers, John's ability to capture your audience's attention is special. For a keynote marketing speaker who will motivate your attendees, don't look any further than John.

John Di Frances is the marketing keynote speaker who will bring the rave reviews you seek for your marketing meeting or conference.



Professional Keynote Negotiation Speakers

Negotiation keynote speakers bring the art and science of negotiating to your audience and none does so better than John Di Frances. He has conducted numerous high dollar value negotiations on behalf of clients as a professional negotiator.

There are not many negotiation keynote speakers who have experiencing dealing with the nuances of Napoleonic Law as well as admiralty law. The benefits of selecting John as a negotiation speaker will become immediately obvious as he engages your audience with illustrations from his own global negotiating experiences.

Keynote Negotiation Speakers