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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Why is John the best choice as a keynote speaker for your organization? A breakthrough thinker, he provides compelling solutions for high take-away value. In our difficult economy, your people need to know their time and expense invested in attending, will be far outweighed by the personal value they will derive. A survey by Successful Meetings Magazine, revealed that 93% of participants rated informational content as their single most important criteria for attending any event or meeting. 

As a leading professional business keynote speaker, John delivers experience-based content with practical applications to your audience. And yes, John is also entertaining, using thought provoking stories and memorable illustrations to connect with his audiences!

What are the Benefits of John's Keynotes:

Offers professional expertise and perspective. John is not just a speaker, but a business owner and consultant. His specialty — Complex Strategic Problem Solving.

Provides updated information and strategies for enhanced performance and increased market share.

Never "canned" or "stock", but designed to your organization's specific needs.

Inspires and captivates audiences. With humor and a gift for story-telling, John effectively transforms real world experiences into a blueprint for positive change.

In this day of heightened scrutiny where ROI is paramount, achieving the desired outcomes of your event is crucial. Therefore, so is your selection of keynote speakers. Whether your meeting is for a business conference, association meeting, sales conference, or other event, you carefully coordinate and thoughtfully plan every detail to maximize the value attendees receive. As your professional keynote speaker, John Di Frances will achieve your objectives.

"Time is money" and the investment of those attending should deliver a solid ROI that will continue to benefit them both individually as well as their organization. Although the venue and activities are important, what your attendees hear, absorb and then take away as useful and actionable knowledge will be the ultimate determinate of your event's success.

"As a keynote speaker, my goal is to equip people to overcome challenges, empowering them to 'see' opportunities."

Professional Keynote Speaker

Contact us at 262.968.9850 - - - 208 E. Oak Crest Drive, Suite 200, Wales, Wisconsin 53183-9700

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Are you looking for a motivational business keynote speaker? Contact us to schedule a conference call with John to discuss your program needs. As each keynote he delivers is crafted uniquely for that specific audience, John can accomodate most requests by program organizers to incoporate unique content or address specific issues. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with John.

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Professional Speaker

Whenever you require the services of a keynote professional speaker, consider the benefits that John will bring to your audience. His many years of far flung business experience provide the background from which he draws as a professional speaker.

John addresses audiences worldwide on a wide range of business keynote speaking topics. Professional speakers bring renewed enthusiasm and vitality to corporate, nonprofit and public sector events. Having John in your program as a keynote professional speaker will greatly enhance your audience's experience and take-away value.

As he comes from outside of your organization, a professional speaker can challenge your participants to think in different ways. Among professional speakers, John is unique in his ability to craft each speech for your specific audience. He never employs 'stock' or 'canned' keynotes. Each keynote is new and relevant to your audience. In this regard, John is unique among professional speakers.

Keynote Professional Speakers

Public Speaker

Today, business leaders recognize the value that public speakers bring to their meetings and events. Especially public speakers like John. Most public speakers have very limited real business experience. However, John's business experience spans more than thirty years of executive and consulting business internationally. Whether working in the defense industry or civilian sector, his background provides a wealth of stories and illustrations that he utilizes in his public speaking.

When you determine the agenda for your upcoming meetings, consider the benefits your people will derive by hearing a keynote from public speaker John Di Frances. Public speakers bring perspectives and thought processes that are often new to attendees. John certainly will.

Keynote Public Speakers

Business Speaker

John is a highly acclaimed business speaker. His diverse background and experiences equip him to provide the up-to-date business information that your personnel require. His style as a professional keynote business speaker is warm and engaging. He encourages questions at the end of his keynote presentations and with smaller audiences, during his speaking.

Few business speakers today understand the international business climate in which your organization competes as well as John does. As a business speaker, he brings new content to each keynote. Audiences love him as a business keynote speaker because his keynotes address the issues and opportunities they face on a a regular basis. For your next event, bring John to your organization as a business keynote speaker and watch your audience light up.

Keynote Business Speakers

Motivational Speaker

A keynote motivational speaker can bring a sense of excitement and urgency to your business meetings. Motivational keynote speaker John Di Frances is a highly respected motivational speaker. John creates each keynote motivational speech to encourage, equip and empower the audience.

Motivational keynote business speaker John's extensive background and working experience enable him to connect with audiences and deliver cutting-edge content. In addition to being highly informative, his motivational speeches are also uplifting and encouraging. For the motivational speaker who will rouse your audience and make your next meeting memorable, book John now.

Keynote Motivational Speakers

Keynote Speaker

For a keynote speaker who will bring insightful thinking and a unique perspective to your audience, book motivational keynote speaker John Di Frances. His humorous keynote delivery style coupled with rich content will have your audience wanting more. Using stories and illustrations, John paints a memorable mental picture for the audience of what they can accomplish when they determine to rise to meet the challenges the organization faces.

He is a professional keynote motivational speaker whose focus is on providing practical, readily applicable answers to today's business problems. Providing clear direction in seeking out and maximizing opportunities, his keynotes provide highly useful solutions. As a professional keynote speaker, John relates a logical, well reasoned analysis of the events that shape our lives and the marketplace in which we work.

Your meeting needs a powerful keynote speaker. John will provide the high impact content that will make your staff want to move forward. John is the keynote speaker who will energize your audience. Few keynote speakers have the level and depth of business experience as John. A keynote by John brings audiences to their feet, but more importantly, sends them home with a treasure-trove of new ideas.

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Ideation Speaker

Ideation is the process whereby we create new, practical concepts for opportunity and problem solving. John is an ideation speaker and consultant, who specializes in ideation and innovation. As an ideation speaker he introduces audiences to the concepts and principles that underlie ideation.

There are not many ideation speakers and as one, John has helped groups understand what makes the ideation process successful and what are the enemies of ideation and innovation. Is you organization struggling with where will next breakthrough ideas come from? If so, then John is the ideal keynote ideation speaker for your organization.

Keynote Ideation Speakers

Innovation Speaker


no appliance manufacturer can survive without an ongoing commitment to innovation: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough; new measures, new methods, modernization, novelty, newness; creativity, originality, ingenuity, inspiration, inventiveness; informal a shake up.

An innovation speaker brings to your people the opportunity to experience and learn how the innovation process works in the real world. Not just theory, but real, live experience of the power of ideation and innovation. For innovation speaker John Di Frances, each new audience is an opportunity to spark new interest and awareness of the power of innovation unleashed. He is your keynote innovation speaker and the dividends that will result from having him speak to your personnel regarding innovation will payback your investment multifold.

Keynote Innovation Speakers

Leadership Speaker

What makes great leaders? That is the question that professional keynote leadership speakers should answer. And leadership speaker John Di Frances does just that.

When hiring a leadership speaker, you want a leadership keynote that will teach clear leadership principles to your audience as well as motivate them to act as leaders, not followers. Not all professional leadership speakers have the knowledge of the topic as does John. He has written extensively on the subject of leadership and knows what's he's talking about. He also is working on a leadership book due out soon

Book John today as the leadership keynote speaker for your next assembly.

Christian Keynote Leadership Speakers

Christian Ethics Speaker - Christian Governance Speaker

Do you need an ethics speaker? The first question to answer is what is meant by ethics?

plural noun
1 [usu. treated as pl. ] moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior : Judeo-Christian ethics.
• the moral correctness of specified conduct : the ethics of euthanasia.
2 [usu. treated as sing. ] the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.
Schools of ethics in Western philosophy can be divided, very roughly, into three sorts. The first, drawing on the work of Aristotle, holds that the virtues (such as justice, charity, and generosity) are dispositions to act in ways that benefit both the person possessing them and that person's society. The second, defended particularly by Kant, makes the concept of duty central to morality: humans are bound, from a knowledge of their duty as rational beings, to obey the categorical imperative to respect other rational beings. Thirdly, utilitarianism asserts that the guiding principle of conduct should be the greatest happiness or benefit of the greatest number.

Business ethics speakers typically focus on the ethical issues that arise in business and the marketplace. John is a business governance and ethics speaker. His book, Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character, addresses the primary business ethics concerns of today.

When addressing groups as a business ethics speaker, he focuses on both the philosophic and practical elements of business ethics. He also looks at the legal ramifications of business ethics.

Christian Keynote Ethics Speakers -Christian Keynote Governance Speakers

Keynote Sales Speaker

Do you have an upcoming sales meeting? If so, John Di Frances is the perfect keynote sales speaker for you. Why? In two words, Knowledge & Presentation!

There are a large number of sales speakers from which to choose, but few have John's sales knowledge — Sales knowledge gained from selling commercial hard goods to military weapon systems and industrial technology to professional services.

As a sales speaker, platform presentation skills are equally important. John quickly connects to his audiences and forms a powerful bond that allows him to communicate the importance of a correct sales mindset as well as sales techniques. His highly effective use of engaging stories also sets him apart among sales speakers.

For a highly informative and entertaining sales speaker, you need look no further. He is equally comfortable speaking to sales executives and front line sales people.

John is presently completing his newest book 'Relationship Selling: Selling Value, Not Price' which will be released in summer 2011. When planning your next sales meeting, consider the difference John can bring to your organization as a sales speaker.

Your choice of a sales speaker will have a significant impact upon your next sales meeting. With John, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice in sales speakers.

Value Selling Keynote Sales Speakers

Marketing Speaker

Negotiation Speaker

Negotiation speaker John Di Frances is a well qualified negotiation speaker, John shares proven negotiation strategies and outlines how to structure and implement a negotiation strategy for the optimal Win-Win outcome. He also shares a simple and entertaining way for your audience to instantly recall what they have learned, even in the 'heat of negotiations', so that they will always enjoy a first-place finish.

John has directly been involved with executive-level strategic negotiations on a global scale for close to thirty years. He understands that successful negotiation is not a science — it's an art. The negotiator must understand how to effectively utilize the basic elements of negotiation: relationship, risk and value, to create astute decisions and beneficial results.

Negotiation speaker John emphasizes the importance of achieving a long term negotiated WIN-WIN outcomes which benefits all parties. A 'winner take all' or win-lose' strategy, although initially appealing, negates the power of relationships and poisons the waters for any future dealing between the parties. John is a negotiation speaker that understand and values the power of long term relationships, mutually beneficial relationships.

Keynote Negotiation Speakers