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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Professional Keynote Speaker John Di Frances

About John Di Frances
Today, more than ever before, corporations, government agencies, and association are facing immense obstacles that's why so many organizations are turning to real content speakers-subject experts who can equip their clients and enable them to overcome the daily challenges they face. John Di Frances is such a professional. As an international business expert with more than thirty years of experience John addresses the very heart of the complex issues currently facing the corporate world. He not only delivers motivating and dynamic presentations, he offers solid values and innovative solutions for long-lasting results.

Through carefully developed and targeted keynotes, seminars, conferences, and executive retreats John empowers his audiences. His highly personable style touches both the mind and the heart. With thought provoking insights, vivid stories, and a frequent dose of humor, he reaches his audiences in a way they do not forget. In this manner he provides not only instruction and motivation, but also the vision and resources needed to take the organization to the next level. Laying a principle-based foundation, John leads organizations beyond focusing solely upon current profitability, to creating their future. John's professional career spans thirty years of global corporate, nonprofit, academic, and government agency experience in senior executive and industry leadership positions.

Creating Your Organizations Future
How does an organization create its future merely fate or is it something more? The future is created through capitalizing on strategic opportunities - no exceptions. If we fail to plan how we will accomplish this, then we plan to fail. Without a plan, we become victims of our circumstances, whether those circumstances be lack of resources or market downturns and recession. However, most organizations' strategic planning efforts result in little more than glorified operating budgets. There is simply nothing strategic about them.

John Di Frances understands the necessity of strategically planning to create the future. He knows that strategic planning is the only way to overcome the circumstances that will arise to block the way. With thirty years of international corporate, governmental and non-profit experience, John is acutely conscious of the process involved in creating long-term success. In this unique and insightful presentation, he examines the purpose of futuristic strategic planning, explores the processes involved in such planning and outlines the actions essential to creating long-term organizational success.

Generating Focused Creativity
When your two year-old creates his masterpiece on the newly painted wall, it may be creative, but it is hardly productive. Often in the corporate world, the distinction between creativity and productive creativity is not made. Focused creativity is extremely valuable, producing effective solutions, innovative results and new opportunities. However, unfocused creativity is not only unproductive, it can become a harmful distraction, wasting precious resources. John Di Frances is an expert on organizational innovation. As a veteran of thirty years in the international corporate arena as well as numerous cutting edge military programs, John has the knowledge to help your organization channel creativity productively. In this insightful presentation, he will demonstrate how to develop an environment that fosters creativity, while providing a framework for channeling creative efforts into useful outcomes.

Change Management that Really Works
"Change" has become a popular word in today's corporate environment the trend. and, like other trends, it has become overused and misunderstood. Many organizations attempt change simply for change's sake, and often end up creating an expensive and destructive monster.

John Di Frances believes real change is a positive result, not just another new program. with a background spanning thirty years of global corporate experience, he understands this fine line. He also comprehends the complex process behind organizational change, and how to apply this process effectively in serving customers and gaining market share. John uses this presentation to first define and explain the process of implementing positive change, and then to provide a working strategy for outcome-based change management that furthers the organization's strategic goals.

Layoff Alternatives in Tough Times
We've all heard the saying: "Less is more." Unfortunately, this little proverb isn't always true. In times of economic downturn, when revenues drop suddenly, businesses and government agencies tend to respond fist by cutting staff. Yet, this knee-jerk reaction is not always the best alternative. Limited layoffs may be necessary, but in the long-run, wide-scale layoffs often end in creating far greater costs than benefits.

Having experienced the effects of economic change in many organizations across the globe, John Di Frances in no newcomer to tough times and economic stress. John has been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't. In this presentation, John will provide your organization with successful layoff alternatives and the answers you seemingly "excess" people, and turn your profit slump into long-term recovery and success.

Reconfiguring Your Resources for Success
Remember the last time you really cleaned house- boldly going where no one should go...through your junk drawer, closet, basement or attic? Were you surprised at what you found? All those useful little items that you thought were lost forever your nice driving gloves, favorite pen or that all purpose tool you received last year for Christmas.

In some ways, your organization isn't much different. Buried deep within are the resources necessary for success and greatness. However, over time, organizations, like individuals, tend to "misplace" and "lose track of" their greatest resources and end up wasting time, money and energy chasing "new" solutions. John Di Frances has learned over his thirty years of international experience, that reawakening existing capabilities is often more effective than acquiring new ones. In this presentation, John demonstrates the value of discovering existing resources and illustrates how to recognize and reconfigure these resources for success.

Achieving Dynamic Breakthroughs
Are dynamic breakthroughs your mission or are they simply a mission impossible? Is your organization achieving its full potential or is it lagging behind the competition, unable to keep up?

John Di Frances will show you how to make dynamic breakthroughs more than a possibility he knows how to make them a reality. He understands that dynamic breakthroughs do not occur by chance, but are the precise result of a discipline innovation process. John outlines how this innovative process works and demonstrates how to use this process effectively within your organization to achieve dynamic breakthroughs.

Prospering in an Uncertain Economy -
Recession. Terrorism. Downsizing. News like this gets depressing. People are affected—organizations are affected. Such events can engender fear and paralysis in employees, and eventually in the organization as a whole. Now is the time to build your people up with a message of hope, and John Di Frances is the man to do it.

John’s thirty years of international business experience have given him keen insights into the current economic crisis. In this presentation, he provides a practical and applicable message, sharing how developing a climate of innovation within your organization will restore hope. John empowers employees, and arms your people with the resources they need to effectively overcome today’s unique challenges.

Strategies for “Must Win” Negotiation -
Strategy—the critical element that can make or break your negotiation. What tactics will you use, and how will you execute your plan? In critical negotiations there are no prizes for second place. Every detail of your strategy must be carefully prepared and precisely carried out. There is no room for error. To put it simply, a successful outcome requires a successful strategy. If you want to improve and develop your negotiation strategies, learn from an experienced negotiator.

John Di Frances is a recognized authority on the topic of negotiation, and his articles on strategic negotiation have been widely published. Moreover, he has first-hand experience in personally negotiating large defense contracts and civil claims as well as commercial construction and union contracts. In this presentation, John shares proven negotiation strategies, and outlines how to structure and implement your negotiation strategy for the optimal win-win outcome. In addition, John will demonstrate a simple and entertaining way to remember what you have learned so that you will always have a first-place finish.

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Keynote Speaker - Professional Speaker

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Are you looking for a motivational business keynote speaker? Contact us to schedule a conference call with John to discuss your program needs. As each keynote he delivers is crafted uniquely for that specific audience, John can accomodate most requests by program organizers to incoporate unique content or address specific issues. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with John.



Professional Speaker

As a professional speaker, John addresses audiences worldwide on a variety of topics. Professional speakers bring vitality and greater excitement to corporate, association and government meetings and events.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, professional speaker John Di Frances will enliven your event. John brings energy and excitement to your event and as a professional speaker, he also brings the solid content your attendees desire to hear.

Speaking professionally has been a major part of John's career since 1985. Few professional speakers have the experience of John. Working for decades with a broad range of clients across several continents, enables John to draw upon a large variety of examples as he speaks professionally.

Coming from outside of your organization, professional speakers can challenge your audiences to think in new ways. And among professional speakers, John is unique in his ability to craft each speech for that specific audience.

When your event calls for the services of a professional speaker, call upon John to bring his skill as a professional speaker to your event.

Public Speaker

When you set the agenda for your upcoming events, consider the benefits to your organization of hiring a keynote public speaker. Public speakers bring perspectives that are often new to attendees.

John Di Frances is a highly experienced public speaker. He has addressed audiences internationally on a wide range of topics. Among public speakers, John is considered by many to be a public keynote speaker who addresses a wide range of current business topics.

Most public speakers have limited business experience, whereas John's business experience spans decades. Whether working in the defense industry or civilian sector, his background provides a wealth of illustrations that he utilizes in his public speaking.

Consider including public speaker John Di Frances in your upcoming meetings. He sets a high standard for public speakers.

Business Speaker

Business speakers span a wide variety of expertise. John Di Frances is a business speaker who has more than 30 years of international business experience across many industries. When seeking a business speaker, consider John's ability to connect with audiences from diverse nationalities and ethnic groups.

Finding the right keynote business speaker among the hundreds of professional business speakers who speak on business topics is important to the outcome of your meeting. John combines the global business experience that is so important today with the ability to interact with your audience and meet them where they are at now.

Keynote business speakers can bring a new dynamic to your event. Coming from outside of your industry, they can offer a fresh perspective. As a keynote business speaker, John seeks to compliment the other speakers at events where he speaks.

Just as each event is unique, so is each audience and as a business speaker John crafts each business keynote to address the specific needs of each audience, never using canned or stock speeches, he is speaks to the issues that are foremost on the mind's of participants.

John is a business speaker that you can trust to deliver high impact content at your meeting.

Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker John Di Frances is one of the most most respected motivational speakers speaking today. He designs each motivational speech to motivate that specific audience, based upon their background, needs and the type of event.

John represents a new style of motivational speaker. Traditionally, motivational speakers have touched their audiences emotions, but frequently provided little else to produce a lasting impact. John understands that to effectively motivate his audiences, he must touch their minds as well as their hearts. His motivational keynotes speeches provide valuable content, empowering participants to make the necessary changes in their lives and circumstances for them to become more productive.

His motivational speaking is grounded in decades of solid business experience in both executive level positions and international consulting. This real world experience enables John to deliver both motivation and high value content to audiences.

As a motivational speaker, John utilizes stories and humor to motivate each audience. Creating that perfect mix of motivation and information, he leaves a lasting impact upon his hearers.

Regardless of the venue or type of event you are planning, if you desire a motivational speaker who will truly inspire and motivate your group, with a motivational message that they will long remember, then John is the keynote motivational speaker your need.

When selecting among the available motivational speakers for your next event, remember that Convention South Magazine named John as "One of the Most Desired Speakers".

Contact us whenever a need arises for motivational speakers.

Keynote Speaker

It is common for organizations to utilize the services of keynote speakers for a wide variety of events. John Di Frances is a widely recognized keynote speaker. He is also a frequent keynote speaker for corporations, associations and nonprofits.

Among keynote speakers, John brings the highest standard of keynote speaking to audiences internationally. His unique blend of high value content, humor and high impact graphics captures participants' attention and ensures that this is a keynote speaker they will not forget soon. Lively keynotes with a high level of visual stimulation make for memorable keynote speeches.

Keynote speaker John Di Frances, is easy to work with for meeting planners. He recognizes that his keynote speech is just one part of your event and that frequently agendas and circumstances change, sometimes at the last moment. John strives to accommodate those unplanned 'hiccups' that all too frequently occur, even when they negatively impact the time allotted to him as a keynote speaker.

Whether your keynote need is for an opening keynote, closing keynote or a keynote speech that occurs sometime in between, John is a highly experienced keynote speaker that is certain to please your participants.

There are few keynote speakers that are as comfortable delivering a keynote speech to an audience of senior executives, as to new hires or the volunteer supporters of a not-for-profit organization. John is! His years of global business experience along with work on boards of directors and at all organizational levels, enables him to connect with all types of audiences as a keynote speaker.

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Contact us to arrange a time for a conference call with John Di Frances to discuss the possibility of having him as the speaker for your next conference, meeting or event.


Contact for us for Keynote Motivational Speaker

Ideation Speaker

Ideation is today's key to business success. We live in a time of rapidly changing competitive business environments. Old ideas and ways of achieving success in business no longer work. New competitors arise regularly while old ones continue to seek new ways of gaining a competitive advantage.

Through active ideation, it is possible to gain a strategic advantage over competitors. John Di Frances speaks and consults with organizations — corporate, association and government — to raise the awareness of the power of ideation. He then takes them a step further, by teaching how to imbed the practice of open ideation into their cultures.

Ideation, together with innovation, form the backbone of a winning competitive strategy for today's organizations. If you want to give your organization an ideation 'lift', then contact us about having John either speak or consult on the topic of ideation.

As both an ideation speaker and ideation consultant, he will open new vista's to your organization. We also offer support for ideation at our Red Door Innovation Center.

Innovation Speaker

Innovation is today's hot buzzword. You hear it everywhere from business leaders, government officials and the press. Unfortunately, all of this talk of innovation has resulted is a great deal of 'innovation smoke', but far less 'innovation fire', which is what's really needed.

Our competitive advantage is being trimmed by global competitors in nearly every industry and what should be our overwhelming advantage, INNOVATION, is far too often lacking. While we cannot compete on price with developing nations, we can on innovation, but to do so we must focus our resources on enabling open innovation.

This begins with developing a culture of ideation and open innovation. Only where people are free and encouraged to actively innovate, does true ideation and open innovation occur. It is leaders' responsibility to create an atmosphere where ideation and innovation can flourish. When they do so, open innovation and the organization thrive.

John Di Frances' open innovation work spans several decades and he has a proven track record of breakthrough ideation and innovation. If you are sensing the need to encourage and empower a new wave of open innovation within your organization, then contact us to arrange for John to be the innovation speaker for your next event or ask us about his availability for open innovation consulting. We also offer support for open innovation at our Red Door Innovation Center.

Leadership Speaker

Leadership is a perennially sought after business topic and leadership speakers are always in high demand. When seeking a leadership speaker, you need look no further than John Di Frances. He has spoken, written and consulted extensively both here and internationally on the topic of Ethical Leadership.

Watching the evening news it would appear that we live in a leadership vacuum. But in reality, there are many excellent leaders, we just rarely hear about them. John uses the stories of great leaders in his leadership keynotes. As a leadership speaker, he knows that it is his stories, as well as the 'how to' content of his keynote leadership speeches, that motivates and empowers his audiences.

If your organization is concerned about developing real leaders, then hiring John as a leadership speaker for your next event will prove to be a wise decision. Whether your meeting is large or a small senior executive leadership retreat, his flexibility in effectively relating personally to attendees at any organizational level enables him to immediately connect with participants.

John is highly regarded as a leadership speaker. It is for this reason that when corporations, government agencies, associations and other not-for-profit organizations seek leadership speakers, they frequently turn to John.

Ethics Speaker - Governance Speaker

Looking for an ethics speaker? You need look no further. John Di Frances is an ethics speaker and author and he has the real world business experience to be able to speak from experience when the topic is leadership ethics.

There are many ethics speakers, but few can match his years and breadth of business experience. Ethics and governance span all industries, government bodies and nonprofits. Few ethics speakers have experience in working with all of these types of organizations.

The applications of ethics may differ between types of organizations, but the principles of ethical behavior remain constant. John's experience as an ethics speaker has resulted in changed minds and behaviors among his hearers.

For boards level retreats, management meetings or company wide events, he is the ethics speaker you can rely upon to bring clarity to a sometimes gray environment. If you are looking for an ethics speaker, then contact us to learn more about his keynote ethics speeches and ethics/governance consulting.

Sales Speaker

Do you have an upcoming sales meeting? If so, John Di Frances is the perfect keynote sales speaker for you. Why? In two words, Knowledge & Presentation!

There are a large number of sales speakers from which to choose, but few have John's sales knowledge — Sales knowledge gained from selling commercial hard goods to military weapon systems and industrial technology to professional services.

As a sales speaker, platform presentation skills are equally important. John quickly connects to his audiences and forms a powerful bond that allows him to communicate the importance of a correct sales mindset as well as sales techniques. His highly effective use of engaging stories also sets him apart among sales speakers.

For a highly informative and entertaining sales speaker, you need look no further. He is equally comfortable speaking to sales executives and front line sales people.

John is presently completing his newest book 'Relationship Selling: Selling Value, Not Price' which will be released in summer 2011. When planning your next sales meeting, consider the difference John can bring to your organization as a sales speaker.

Your choice of a sales speaker will have a significant impact upon your next sales meeting. With John, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice in sales speakers.

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Negotiation Speaker

Negotiation speaker John Di Frances knows that the outcome of a major negotiation has a critical impact upon your organization. He has successfully negotiated major contracts, dispute resolutions, lawsuit settlements as well as mergers and accusations for decades. When you want a negotiation speaker, let John share his depth of experience with your group.

Negotiation speakers are numerous, but not many have the breadth of experience of John when it comes to real life high stakes negotiations. As a negotiation speaker, he draws from many years of negotiating high value corporate and defense contracts, as well as settlements to protracted legal disputes.

Rather than teaching complex negotiation techniques as do most negotiation speakers, he focuses on a few basic strategies that participants can easily remember and implement, even in the stress of battle over high stakes negotiations. Believing in the benefits of simplicity rather than complexity, he leads audiences through not only the phases of successful negotiations, but equally importantly, the emotions that impact negotiating decisions.

Negotiation speakers can educate your audience to be better negotiators and as a negotiation speaker, John also teaches them how to avoid the common negotiation traps. Contact us to arrange a call with John to learn how he can impart his experience as a negotiation speaker to your audience.