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Here Are a Sampling of the Clients John Has Served

As Well as Some of Their Comments

Leading Age WIOpening Keynote for an Annual Conference of 500+ Attendees - Sponsor asked the Audience:

" How do you rate the usefulness of the knowledge/skills you acquired? – 86 percent of the participants rated you as very good to excellent.
 How do you rate the instructor's knowledge of materials/topic? – 100 percent of the participants rated you as very good to excellent.
 How do you rate the instructor's presentation skills? – 85 percent of the participants rated you as very good to excellent.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments we received about your keynote address from conference participants on their evaluation forms:

 A great message.      I love his ideas.       Great presenter.       Inspiring to think creatively.      Great way to start the day.      Very good topic to press the listener to think outside the box."

And from the conference organizer - - "With this level of success after only giving you one week to prepare for this presentation, I can’t begin to imagine how you would have knocked our socks off if we had given you several months to prepare, as we typically do."*

 - Janice Mashak Vice President of Member Services & Innovation, Leading Age Wisconsin

*NOTE: On short notice John replaced the planned speaker who was hospitalized - Read the full client review here.


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Oregon Employer Council


“Wow! Congratulations… a perfect score never happens with our tough evaluators!”

– Marney Roddick, State Coordinator – Oregon Employer Council



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University of WI - Madison

“John is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker who hit the mark in his group presentation. He invested a great deal of time and effort on the front-end to understand the goal of our summit and the needs of my group. His research resulted in timely information, concisely delivered, which has set the stage for continued, effective and strategic dialogue around innovation.”

Gayle Kugler, Urban Entrepreneurship at University of Wisconsin



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WVNSCOLogo“Thank you for a job well done. Forgive the cliche, but it really was an outstanding presentation.”

– Phil Weddle, West Valley, Nuclear Services Co., Inc.



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Thrivent Financial(Before) “I’m so looking forward to this event…  (After) I always believed, without a shadow of doubt, that you were the man for the job, and after seeing you present, I know it. Thanks again for partnering with me in this event to make it a winner!” …and following the event for a national financial institution… “Power packed with information and insight! Articulate and extremely polished.”

– Gloria Nelson, RSVP Events


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OptionsIndianaLogoI was very impressed with John’s professionalism and initiative. John’s speech was not canned, or altered to fit Options Annual Meeting, it was written for our agency…John’s speech was memorable and inspirational…

John is truly an eloquent and intelligent individual, and has made an impact…I highly recommend John Di Frances was a speaker to any organization looking for a keynote speaker with personal stories, a personalized speech, and an inspirational message.

- Melissa Copas, Development Director, Options for Better Living



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Social Media Science - Logo“John is an excellent communicator, articulate writer and very personable. Many of my conversations with him left me thinking deeply about my own life and it’s ultimate purpose. If you need a speaker who can both motivate, inspire and leave your audience thinking long after the event is over, John is the person you should consider inviting. Most important for me is John’s fierce commitment to integrity. You can trust that he will always give his honest best, regardless of the situation.”

– Thomas Rozoff, Chairman, Social Media Science


Additional Keynote Speaking Client Testimonials

"Awesome!! Great articulation. Great topic. Great aspect!"

- Angie Schumacher, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.

"It enlightened..."

- GEC-Marconi



"I received information that I never knew existed."

- University Program Attendee

"Very professional presentation."

- Chris Fearing, Trappers Turn Golf Club

"The easy going nature of the speaker made all of the topics covered interesting and enjoyable. Using life experiences as examples reinforces the learning process...very timely and well presented. An overall great job!"

- Moog, Inc

"Very well versed in the topic..."

- Federal Bureau of Investigation

"Fine presenter...kept my interest."

- Motorola, Inc.

"I feel very comfortable endorsing DI FRANCES & ASSOCIATES, LLC. I have personally attended three seminars in which John Di Frances has participated and found his topics to be well researched and factual. His insight into difficult situations is noteworthy and his manner of presentation is professional. DI FRANCES & ASSOCIATES, LLC has prepared a variety of seminar topics that should be a valuable tool to large or small businesses alike."

- Robert D. Grimm, Hamilton Sundstrand Div., United Technologies Corp.



More Audience Comments:

"Very good takeaways and good presentation. Two thumbs up."

"Great takeaways."

"Interesting ideas."

"Good ideas. Very relevant."

"Great speaker – enjoyed."


"Incorporated my company's key values. Used stories from history to make points."

"Innovative ideas and stories, very good ending."

"Good message - more people need to hear this."

"Lessons all leaders should hear."

"Real style... Practical application... Illustrative stories"

"Educated, knowledgeable. Great examples-business, historical. Sophisticated."

"Example of Roman Army vs Praetorian Guard instructive to the whole [organization]."

"Gives great outlook from both sides."

"Good use of the English language. Good closing."

"Amen brother! On character and integrity keep on teaching!"

"Very interesting. Seems to have great knowledge of his topic. Great subject..."

"Believable - knowledge in history and organization."

"Excellent examples/visual aids."

"Appropriate to the time(s)."

"Very innovative - great mirror story."

"Great relevant stories."

"Personable with Intelligence."

"Good illustrations and enjoyed the stories."

"Good presence/great info."

"Important for businesses - important message."

"Very interesting facts to make his point."

"Good stories to support points."


"Liked...humor and personal input. Incorporated 'stories' in presentation - kept my attention."

"Break the Rules."

"Interesting subject - Well delivered."

"Great style/good examples."

"Common sense approach."

"Polished, easy on the platform."

"Kept attention well - interesting."

"Innovation (the subject) was interesting/informative."

"Easy manner."

"Good information."

"Real world examples of innovation."

"Credibility, authority, good stories."

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