Millennials Gen Y & 4-Generation WorkForce

People v.2.0. – Understanding Millennials Generation & 4-Generation WorkForce

Are You Ready for the Generational Revolution?

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The Millennials Generation, often referred to as Generation-Y or simply, Gen-Y, do not only differ from the previous Boomer and Gen-X generations, but they represent a significant departure, in every substantive regard, from any other generation in human history. They could, and perhaps should be considered Human Beings v.2.0. While distinct in many important aspects, their relationship toward career and workplace is rapidly becoming a significant issue for employers. This trend is becoming evident, as the Millennial Generation begins entering the workforce.

Developing an effective and harmonious work environment for Millennials will be a major challenge for most employers. While some aspects of Millennials behavior may appear to older generations as mildly disturbing to wildly alarming, they are in many ways refreshing and often frighteningly appropriate adaptations to an environment we created, which has in turn, created them.

Millennials as a generation have been largely marginalized and maligned and they know it! Resenting the idea of “selling out” or being used as a “tool” of employers or previous generations, they have become astonishingly adept at ‘gaming’ the system and frequently consider careers as a series of one to two year ‘gigs’ versus long term employment.

This propensity, together with an already shrinking available labor pool, makes Millennials a force to be reckoned with by employers. And it’s not just the Millennials. Today employers must deal with the ‘4-Generation Workplace,’ where widely differing values and perspectives can and ever more frequently do, collide. Creating a happy, productive and generationally integrated workforce is critical to business success.


Millennials Generation Y Keynote Speaker

John Di Frances will bring your audience the requisite understanding to successfully integrate the Millennial generation. Rather than pat answers and denigrating stereotypes, John presents breakthrough research and practical solutions your attendees can immediately apply. Instead of perpetuating popular stereotypes, John’s presentations are based upon scientifically validated empirical data. His “Millennials” presentation will attract audiences, change their outlook and provide the answers they need to succeed in their marketplace now and in the future.

John is an international business veteran with 30+ years of global experience including 20 years of professional speaking and senior executive level consulting for corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. His unique presentations focus on high audience take-away value resulting in improved individual and organizational performance. His personable style impacts the audience’s heart, mind, and will. Through thought-provoking insights, vivid stories, and humor, John touches audiences in a way they will not soon forget.[gap height=”30″]

Millennials Generation & 4-Generation WorkForce Keynote Speaker

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