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How do you ensure spectacular customer service? Focusing on fundamentals, John Di Frances helps audiences understand how to make awesome customer service possible for your organization.

Amazement ensues when we experience exceptional customer service. What a thrill to be treated like a V.I.P., as though we mattered. After all, it almost never happens anymore!

Why is truly excellent customer service the rare exception and not the norm? And why do organizations continue to invest heavily in customer service training, without experiencing significant customer service improvement?

John Di Frances takes a look at what’s wrong with customer service today and offers insights on how to ‘WOW’ your customers and clients on a regular basis. If achieving an outstanding level of customer satisfaction is important to your organization, then your personnel would profit from John’s keynotes on ‘Spectacular Customer Service’.

You never know what might happen when you provide spectacular customer service. It could bring a windfall of free publicity. Consider for example, the following excerpt from one of John’s customer service keynotes:

In the mid 1980’s, a new U.S. airline, Midwest Express, was launched with the slogan, ‘The Best Care in the Air.’ As it grew to service many cities, I became a frequent traveller on the new ‘All Business-Class’ airline. One Sunday evening, I arrived at the airport a tad late for the last flight to Washington, DC. On reaching the gate, I was relieved to see the plane still there. However, I soon learned that boarding had been concluded several minutes earlier and the jet bridge had already been withdrawn. Because it was imperative that I arrive in DC that evening, I asked the gate attendant if they would allow me to board. She responded, “That the jet bridge had been withdrawn and there was nothing more she could do.” As the plane was still there, I asked her to contact the captain and ask him. At first she looked at me in disbelief, but after a hasty explanation that I made this trip weekly and really did need to be on that plane, she called him. I could overhear his response. He said that he, “was still waiting for clearance from the tower to taxi out to the runway and so, why not! It really wouldn’t delay the flight any.” With that, the gate was re-opened, the jet bridge quickly extended once again and I was on the plane. Moments later we taxied out to the runway and took off.

Leaving London’s Heathrow airport on British Airways, on a another occasion, I enjoyed a similar experience. At that time, buses were used to take the passengers out to departing aircraft. I had been delayed by an urgent business meeting. Upon arriving at the gate, I was informed that the last passenger bus out to my flight had already left. I quickly assessed my alternatives. Looking out the window, I noticed an empty bus sitting there, so I asked if that bus could take me out to the plane. In surprise, the gate attendant answered , “You expect us to send a bus out to the aircraft just for you?” I responded, “Yes, why not! I’m a business class passenger and need to be on that plane.” Onto the bus I went and out to the still waiting jumbo jet; the ground crew was preparing to pull the stairway from the plane just as I arrived. Mission accomplished!

In each case, the gate attendants made a decision to provide spectacular customer service. Little did they know that ‘Midwest Express’ and ‘British Airways’ exceptional performance on behalf of an otherwise stranded speaker would be proclaimed to future audiences for years to come as models of awesome customer service.

John offers spot-on initiatives to empower your personnel to deliver truly spectacular service to the customer, to think innovatively and win customer loyalty.


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