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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Motivational Keynote Speaker


Wet Ink Keynote Presentations

John's Wet Ink Presentations offer insights for achieving powerful new strategies through the process of idea generation. By definition, no two Wet Ink keynotes are ever the same. Always timely and relevant, his keynotes track the marketplace impact of global events. When the markets tumble and bounce, what will be the boomerang effect on your organization?

Wet Ink Keynote Presentations target the specific industry issues real audiences face and the fleeting opportunities which arise in periods of disruptive change. Integrating current information with compelling insights, John reveals cutting-edge strategies for driving growth and profitability. "Our actions are limited by our perceptions of reality. Smart companies are finding ways to think beyond perceived limitations to identify optimal innovations that will result in the greatest ROI."

Broad professional experience qualifies John Di Frances to speak on a range of business topics. Contact us about a keynote subject you would like John to address. Discover the synergistic potential of creative solutions. Popular Keynote Topics include:

Star Trek Enterprise Innovation: The Final Frontier - To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
Sieze the Day Carpe Diem - Seize the Day - Strategies for Gaining Market-Share
Sales Motivational Keynote Speaker WANTED: On-Target Relationship Selling
Customer Service Keynote Speaker "No Way? Awesome!" - Delivering Spectacular Customer Service
Teambuilding Speaker
TeamBuilding Speaker for Performance Improvement
WIN-WIN Negotiating WIN-WIN Negotiation - Strategies for Exceptional Outcomes
Leadership Keynote Motivational Speaker Leadership Imperatives - The Power of Influence and a Shared Vision
Ethics Keynote Speaker Corporate Ethics & Governance - Reclaiming the High Ground

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Searching for a business motivational keynote speaker for your next meeting? All of John's motivational keynote speeches are crafted specifically for each audience. He never uses 'stock' or 'canned' keynotes. In this way, John can accomodate most requests to incoporate unique content or address the specific issues that are most important to your group. Contact us today to schedule a personal conference call with John to discuss your program needs. Your event deserves a motivational keynote that will meet the needs of your audience.

Contact for us today for more information about having John as your Motivational Keynote Speaker


Professional Speaker Professional Speaker

In addressing audiences globally, John speaks on a wide array of timely business topics. Professional speakers can bring a renewed vitality and increased excitement to your meetings and events. Including John in your program as a professional speaker will instruct and delight your participants.

John will bring renewed energy, excitement and relevance to your event and as a professional speaker, he delivers the critical content your attendees desire to hear. ROI is crucial today in the meetings industry and having a professional of John's caliber will ensure that your audience gains the know-how and tools necessary make your event pay real dividends.

He has been speaking professionally since 1985. Few professional speakers have the extensive experience of John, working across the corporate, government and association marketsplaces. Decades of wide ranging client experience spanning several continents, provides John with the ability to draw upon a variety of examples and illustrations as he speaks professionally.

Coming from outside of your organization, provides professional speakers with the arms length unbiased ability to challenge your audience in new ways. Among professionals, John is unusual in his willingness and capacity to develop each speech uniquely for your audience.

When you require the services of a gifted professional speaker, contact John to bring his skill as a professional to your meeting.

Public Speaker Public Speaker

Setting the program for your upcoming meetings requires the careful consideration and selection of public speakers. Uou should consider the benefits that will accrue to your organization from the hiring of an experienced keynote public speaker. Public speakers bring diverse perspectives that are new to your audience.

John Di Frances is widely recognized as a veteran public speaker, who is in high demand among meerting planners internationally. He has delivered keynotes to groups globally on a variety of pertinent business issues. John is considered by many to be a public keynote speaker who addresses the most critical business topics today, including Innovation and Ideation to regain America's lost competitiveness.

John's executive and consulting business experience spans more than three decades of global work in the defense industry and civilian sector. In delivering business motivational keynote speeches he utilizes this extensive background to provide hard hitting illustrations and stories in his public speaking.

Selecting public speaker John Di Frances for your upcoming meetings will increase ROI and delight your audience. He sets a high standard for other public speakers to achieve.

Business Speaker Business Speaker

Today's professional business speakers span a vast range of experience and expertise. John Di Frances is a professional business speaker having more than three decades of global business experience across many markets. When you are searching for the right business speaker, consider John's ability to connect with business audiences from diverse backgrounds nationalities.

Selecting the right keynote business speaker from the hundreds of professional business speakers to choose from who speak on business related topics is crucial to the ROI of your Event. John combines the broad international business experience with the ability to readily communicate important bsuinesss concepts effectively to your audience in order to achieve highvalue business results.

As a keynote business speaker he can bring an accelerated dynamic to your event. As an outsider to your industry, he offers a fresh perspective and new insights into the opportunities and problems your audience faces. As a keynote business speaker, John seeks to compliment the other speakers at events where he speaks.

Each event you plan is unique and so should be each keynote your participants hear. Just as each audience is different as a business speaker John crafts each business keynote to address the specific needs of that audience.

John is the business speaker to bring high valuecontent to your next conference, meeting or other event.

Motivational Speaker Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker John Di Frances is highly respected among today's motivational speakers. Each keynote motivational speech he delivers is designed to motivate that specific audience, based upon their industry and interests.

John brings a new style of keynote motivational speaker to the professional keynote speaking business. Typically, professional keynote motivational speakers have touched their audiences emotionally, but far less often provided the real business content needed in order to produce a lastingproductive impact. John clearly understands that this is insufficient today. To effectively motivate audiences, keynote motivational speakers must impact their audiences minds' as well as their emotions. John's motivational keynote speeches deliver the high value content necessary to effectively empower participants.

His keynote motivational speaking is grounded in decades of solid business experience, in both executive level positions and international consulting. This wealth of business experience enables John to provide to his audiences professional keynote motivational speeches that are motivational and high in valuable business content.

As a keynote motivational speaker, John acts as a storyteller and includes frequent humor to motivate audiences. He works hard at creating that perfect blend of information together with positive motivation and leaves a lasting impact upon his audiences.

Regardless of your venue or the type of event you are planning, if you have a need for motivational speakers who will truly inspire and motivate your group with a motivational message that they will long remember, then John is the professional keynote motivational speaker for you.

When choosing the motivational speakers for your next event, remember that Convention South Magazine named John as "One of the Most Desired Speakers".

For more information on booking John as your keynote motivational speaker, contact us.

Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker

Many organizations utilize the professional services of motivational keynote speakers for their events. John Di Frances is a widely respected motivational keynote speaker. He is a frequent keynote speaker for executive retreats, conferences, trade shows, company meetings and other events.

Whether your keynote need is for an opening keynote, closing keynote or a keynote speech that occurs sometime in between, John is a highly experienced keynote speaker that is certain to please your participants.

Keynote speaker John Di Frances, is easy to work with for meeting planners. He recognizes that his keynote speech is just one part of your event and that frequently agendas and circumstances change, sometimes at the last moment. John strives to accommodate those unplanned 'hiccups' that all too frequently occur, even when they negatively impact the time allotted to him as a keynote speaker.

Among keynote speakers, John brings the highest standard of keynote speaking to audiences internationally. His unique blend of high value content, humor and high impact graphics captures participants' attention and ensures that this is a keynote speaker they will not forget soon. Lively keynotes with a high level of visual stimulation make for memorable keynote speeches.

There are few keynote speakers that are as comfortable delivering a keynote speech to an audience of senior executives, as to new hires or the volunteer supporters of a not-for-profit organization. John is! His years of global business experience along with work on boards of directors and at all organizational levels, enables him to connect with all types of audiences as a keynote speaker.

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John is available for conference calls to discuss having him as the speaker for your next executive retreat, conference or meeting. We welcome your call and look forward to the opportunity to discuss how John can best help you to make your event a stunning success.


Contact for us for Keynote Motivational Speaker

Ideation Speaker Motivational Keynote Ideation Speaker

Ideation is the key to business success in our fast changing world. Traditional ideas and ways of viewing business are no longer aplicable. Today, new competitors spring up quickly like weeds in the garden, while old ones are always looking for ways of gaining a new competitive advantage.

Open ideation enables organizations to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors. John Di Frances speaks and consults with organizationsof all types and sizes to increase their awareness to the power of ideation. Not stopping there, he then takes them a step further, clearly demonstrating how to instill systemic ideation and innovation into their organizational cultures.

Innovation and ideation form the backbone for achieving successful competitive strategies for today's companies. To provide your organization with an ideation 'advantage', contact us regarding John speaking or consulting on ideation.

As an ideation speaker and ideation consultant, John will open new opportunities for your organization. Our Red Door Innovation Center is also available to service your ideation needs.

Open Innovation Speaker Motivational Keynote Open Innovation Speaker

Today everyone in business, the not-for-profit world and government at all levels is talking about Innovation. But despite all of this talk about innovation, little of what is what's really needed, action on innovation, is actually occuring.

Global competitors are cutting into the competitive advantage we have long enjoyed. Nearly every industry where we have historically enjoyed a competitive advantage is now in decline. We may not be able to compete on price with developing nations, but we certainly can and should on innovation. To do so, we must learn how to structure our resources and decision making in order to enable open innovation.

The first step in doing so is to develop an organizational culture of ideation and open innovation. When people are free and encouraged to actively participate in open innovation, we see the real potential of ideation and open innovation. Responsibility to create an atmosphere where ideation and innovation can flourish is the responsibility of the organization's leadership. When leaders do so, open innovation and the organization as a whole thrives, despite outside pressures.

John Di Frances' has a proven track record of breakthrough ideation and innovation. His work in ideation and open innovation spans several decades and continents. If encouraging and empowering a new wave of open innovation within your organization is your goal, then John is your motivational keynote open innovation speaker.

We also offer open innovation consulting at your headquarters and at our Red Door Innovation Center. Bring your team to red Door Innovation and experience the power of innovation unleashed.

Leadership Speaker Keynote Leadership Speaker

Leadership is a business topic that is always sought after and leadership speakers are always in high demand. When researching leadership speakers for your organization's meetings, you need look no further than John Di Frances. He has spoken, written and consulted extensively both here and globally on Ethical Leadership.

If we read the business and political headlines, it would appear that we live in a vacuum of ethical leadership. In reality, there are many great leaderswho are highly ethical, but they are not usually featured on the front pages of the press. John builds upon stories of great leaders in his ethical leadership keynotes. As a keynote leadership speaker, he knows what it takes to motivate and empower his audiences.

Is your organization concerned about developing ethical and highly competent leaders? If so, then hiring John as your keynote leadership speaker will be a wise decision. Regardless of the size, type or venue of your meeting, his ability to impact your participants will make your event a success.

John is highly respected as a keynote ethical leadership speaker. It is for this reason that when corporations, government agencies, associations and other not-for-profit organizations seek keynote leadership speakers, they frequently turn to John. Experience counts, so when you meeting agenda calls for a professional keynote on leadership, contact us.

Ethics Speaker - Governance Speaker Keynote Ethics & Governance Speaker

Looking for a business governance and ethics speaker? Then look no further than John Di Frances. As a keynote ethics and governance speaker and author he has the experience to be able to speak on this topic of leadership ethics and governance with authority.

There are many ethics speakers, but few can match his years and breadth of business experience. Ethics and governance span industry, government bodies and nonprofits. Few governance and ethics speakers have experience in working with all of these types of organizations.

Ethics issues differ between types of organizations, but the principles defining ethical behavior are universal. As a seasoned keynote governance and ethics speaker, John changes minds and behaviors among his audiences through his keynote presentations.

If your need is for a governance and ethics speaker for a board retreat, executive meeting, full company event or association or governmental meeting, he is the keynote governance and ethics speaker you need. When looking for a keynote givernance and ethics speaker, contact us for more information regardng his keynote governance and ethics speeches and ethics/governance consulting.

Sales Speaker Keynote Sales Speaker

Are you preparing for an upcoming sales meeting? If so, then John Di Frances is the keynote sales speaker you need. Why? Three words, Knowledge, Experience & Presentation!

There are many sales speakers from which to make your selection, but very few have John's unique combination of sales knowledge, experience and ability to connect with audiences of sales professionals.

Fo sales speakers, platform presentation skills are especially important, as sales professionals will not respond to an unpolished keynote. John connects instantly to his audiences and forms a lasting bond, allowing him to communicate a positive sales mindset as well as time tested sales techniques. His use of memorable illustrations and humorous stories sets him apart from other professional keynote sales speakers. And he is equally comfortable in keynote speaking to groups of sales executives or front line sales personnel.

John's newest book 'Relationship Selling: Selling Value, Not Price' will be released in the second half of 2011. If planning your next sales conference, consider the benefits that John can bring to your participants as your professional keynote sales speaker.

Choosing your next professional keynote sales speaker will impact upon your event and your company's future. By selecting John, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice in keynote professional sales speakers.

For a highly informative and entertaining keynote sales speaker, contact us today. You will not regret selecting John for your sales keynote.


There are not many well qualified professional keynote marketing speakers. Although marketing and sales are often confused as being one and the same, they are clearly not and marketing professionals understand the difference. John's marketing keynotes address the issues marketing executives are facing in this time of economic instability. A professional, marketing keynote speaker, he speaks to the marketing dilemmas companies everywhere face.

Negotiation Speaker Keynote Negotiation Speaker

John knows that the outcome of every major negotiation has a critical impact upon your corporation. He has successfully negotiated major contracts, dispute resolutions, lawsuit settlements and mergers and accusations for decades as a professional negotiator. When you seek an experienced keynote negotiation speaker, let John share his depth of negotiations experience with your audience.

Not many negotiation speakers posess the broad experience of John when it comes to the business of high stakes strategic business negotiations. Professional keynote negotiation speaker John Di Frances, draws examples from numerous high dollar critical corporate and defense negotiations, as well as lawsuit settlements in his negotiation keynotes.

Most keynote negotiaion speakers focus on teaching complicated negotiation methods, whereas John focuses on a few basic strategies that the audience can easily remembered and implemented, even in the stressful moments of high stakes negotiations. Believing that simplicity is better than complexity, he leads participants through not only the steps of negotiating, but also, the emotions that impact negotiators and their negotiating decisions.

No negotiation speaker can educate your audience better than John. As your keynote negotiation speaker, he will teach your group how to avoid the most common negotiation mistakes. For a negotiation speaker who shows the way from a track record of negotiating success, contact us.