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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Ideation & Innovation Speaker



Innovation: The Final Frontier

Keynote Motivational Ideation & Innovation Speaker

The classic space adventure series, Star Trek, was launched in 1966. Each episode began with this mesmerizing introduction.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It's mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

Despite the fact that NBC canceled the series after only three seasons, it left an indelible mark on America's youth. Gene Roddenberry's brainchild, the saga inspired the imaginations of an entire generation to explore new worlds in science and technology.

Today, many of the inventive gizmos first introduced on Star Trek actually exist. For example: The Communicator has evolved into the iPhone, a Universal Translator is now used by the military, the Padd became our iPad, the (Vocera) Communicator Badge of today has the same function, and the Stand Off Patient Triage Tool (TriCorder) is currently being developed by the military. Never underestimate the creative power of the imagination. It is the birthplace of innovation.

According to Innovation Consultant, John Di Frances, not all ideas are innovation. Businesses need profits to thrive. Truly innovative solutions must have practical applications, be affordable and capable of implementation. The innovation process begins with ideation for the purpose of increasing value.

What is open innovation and how does it work? It occurs when individuals look for solutions outside of their own organization and industry. Some years ago, an aircraft engineer attended an Indy car race and was intrigued by the vertical wings on the cars. He questioned the crew engineers and learned that they were added to increase fuel economy and stability. Hence, the upturned wings you see on commercial aircraft today.

In recent years, economic difficulties have compelled many organizations to pursue various strategies, such as spending freezes, cost-cutting, lay-offs and hiring moratoriums. However, in contrast to these retrenchment strategies, innovation creates extraordinary opportunities for dynamic growth and profitability. It is the Final Frontier!

John's Innovation Keynotes focus on the "How To's" of Innovation and examine the following questions:

  • How do our perceptions affect the process of innovation?
  • What is Innovation? Accelerated Innovation?
  • What does Innovation look like in the world around us?
  • What are the building blocks of Innovation?
  • How to achieve effective collaboration
  • What are the 'killers' of Innovation?
  • What part does organizational culture play in Innovation?
  • How to create a culture of Innovation
  • How to handle Innovation's 'risk factor'
  • How to ensure that Ideation and Innovation remain sustainable


Innovative approaches hold the key to a successful future. With rich content and compelling insights, John Di Frances encourages audiences to engage their imaginations, move beyond perceived limitations and begin to innovate.



Keynote Innovation Speaker

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Are you looking for a motivational keynote business innovation speaker? Contact us to schedule a conference call with John to discuss your ideation and innovation program needs. As each ideation and innovation keynote he delivers is crafted uniquely for that specific audience, John can accomodate most requests by innovation program organizers to incoporate unique innovation content or address specific innovation and ideation issues. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with John about your ideation/innovation program. requirements.



Professional Ideation/Innovation Speakers Professional Ideation and Innovation Speaker

As a professional keynote ideation and innovation speaker, John addresses audiences worldwide on a variety of innovation topics. Regardless of the type of innovation program you are planning, professional innovation and ideation speaker John Di Frances will enliven yourinnovation event. John brings energy and excitement to your event and as a professional ideation/innovation speaker, he also brings the solid innovation content your attendees desire to hear.

Speaking professionally regarding ideation and innovation has been a major part of John's career since 1985. Few professional ideation and innovation speakers have the experience of John. Working for decades in the field of innovation with a broad range of clients across several continents, enables John to draw upon a large variety of innovation examples as he speaks professionally.

Coming from outside of your organization, professional innovation speakers can challenge your audiences to think in new ways about the future and the possibilities that innovation can create. And among professional ideation and innovation speakers, John is unique in his ability to craft each innovation speech for that specific audience.

When your event calls for the services of a professional innovation and ideation speaker, call upon John to bring his skill as a professional innovation speaker to your event.

Public Ideation/Innovation Speakers Public Ideation and Innovation Speaker

When you set the agenda for your upcoming ideation and innovation events, consider the benefits to your organization of hiring a keynote publicinnovation speaker. As one of the most sought after public ideation and innovation speakers, hebring fresh perspectives andcreative ways of thinking that are often new to audiences.

John Di Frances is an experienced public innovation/ideation speaker. He has addressed numerous audiences on a wide range of ideation and innovation subjects. Among public ideation and innovation speakers, John is considered by many to be a public keynote innovation speaker who addresses a wide range of current business ideation and innovation topics.

Most public ideation speakers have limited real world business innovation experience, whereas John's business ideation experience spans decadesof innovation work in senior executive positions as well as international innovation consulting assignments. Whether working in the defense industry or civilian sector, his background provides a wealth of illustrations that he utilizes in his public innovation/ideation speaking.

Consider including public innovation speaker John Di Frances in your upcoming meetings. He sets a high standard for public ideation/innovation speakers.

Business Speakers Business Ideation and Innovation Speakers

Business innovation speakers encompass a broad range of expertise. John Di Frances is a business ideation speaker who has more than three decades of broad international business innovation and ideation experience numerous many industries. When your organization is seeking a business ideation and innovation speaker, consider John's personable style of connecting with his audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Finding the right keynote business ideation/innovation speaker from among the many professional business innovation and ideation speakers who speak on ideation and innovation in business today, is an important factor to the outcome of your event. John combines the necessary international business innovation experience with the a unique capacity to connect with today's audiences.

Keynote business ideation/innovation speakers bring an enhanced dynamic to your meeting. External to your industry, they offer fresh perspectives and solutions to the chalenges your audience faces. As an established keynote business ideation speaker, John seeks to compliment the other innovation speakers at events where he speaks.

Just as each innovation meeting is unique, so is your audience. As a business ideation and innovation speaker, John creates each business ideation keynote to speech to address the specific needs of that particular audience. He is addresses the concerns that are critical in the mind's of the audience.

John is a keynote business innovation/ideation speaker that you can trust to deliver high impact innovation content for your event.

Motivational Speakers Motivational Ideation and Innovation Speaker

Ideation and Innovation Motivational speaker John Di Frances is among the most highly respected motivational ideation/innovation speakers today. He creates each motivational ideation speech to motivate that specific audience to innovate, based upon their innovation experience, needs and the purpose of the meeting.

As a motivational innovation speaker John goes beyond the norm for innovation speakers. Typically, motivational idearion speakers touch their audiences' emotions, but usually offer little else that results in a lasting impact. However, John knows that to properly motivate audiences, he must impact their minds in addition to their hearts. His motivational ideation keynotes and motivational speeches provide unique, usable content, enabling audiences to effect the changes needed in their personal and professional lives in order for them to increase their productivity and satisfaction.

His motivational ideation and innovation speaking is grounded in many years of broad based business experience in senior executive and international consulting. John's real world experience enables him to provide the needed motivation and innovation content to his audiences.

As a motivationalideation speaker, John impacts his hearers with an exciting message of innovation and ideation.

No matter what venue or type of event you are planning, if you desire a motivational ideation speaker who will truly inspire and motivate your group, with a highly motivational and practical innovation message they will not forget soon, John is the keynote motivational ideation/innovation speaker your meeting needs to be an unqualified success.

When deciding among the available motivational innovation speakers for that next meeting, remember that Convention South Magazine named John as "One of the Most Desired Speakers".

Contact us whenever a need arises for motivational ideation and innovation speakers. Motivational Innovation/Ideation Speakers

Keynote Speakers Motivational Keynote Innovation Speaker

Organizations hire keynote speakers for many different kinds of events. John Di Frances is widely recognized as a keynote ideation speaker. As a frequent innovation keynote speaker for corporations, associations and nonprofits, he brings new insights and thoughts to the subject of innovation.

Among keynote ideation and innovation speakers, John offers a very high standard of ideation/innovation keynote speaking to audiences globally. His interesting style of high value innovation content, humor and graphics arrests participants' attention. This ensures that he is a keynote innovation speaker they will long remember. Interesting keynotes with strong visual stimulation, make for memorable keynote innovation and ideation presentations.

Keynote ideation and innovation speaker John Di Frances, is easy to work with, which meeting planners love. He understands that his innovation keynote is just one component of the program. John works diligently to accommodate any unplanned program changes that may occur, even in circumstances where they negatively effect his time as the keynote innovation and ideation speaker.

Whatever your keynote need, opening keynote, closing keynote or something in between, John is a highly experienced keynote innovation speaker who will please your audiences.

There are few keynote innovation and ideation speakers that are completely at ease delivering a keynote ideation address to an audience of executives or to entry level personnel. John's years of global businessideation and innovation experience enables him to connect with all types of participants as a keynote innovation speaker. Keynote Ideation Speaker

Ideation Speakers Keynote Ideation Speaker

Ideation is key to the success of every organization today, as we live in a time of rapidly evolving and highy competitive global business environments. The old ideas and of how to achieve sustainable success in business no longer work. New competitors ariseon a regular basis, while the existing ones continue to seek new opportunities of gaining a competitive advantage.

Ideation, makes it possible to gain a strategic advantage over competitors, even those that may be larger, more established and better funded. John Di Frances speaks and consults with organizations — corporations, associations and government agenices— to raise their awareness of the power available to them through ideation. John takes them a step further, by showing how to imbed the practice of open ideation into their organizational cultures.

Ideation, together with open innovation, form the basis of a sustainable competitive strategy. If you want your organization to gain an ideation advantage, then contact us about having John either speak or consult on the topic of ideation.

As an open ideation speaker and consultant, he will open new vista's to your organization future through ideation. We also offer support for ideation at our Red Door Innovation Center.

Innovation Speakers Keynote Innovation Speaker

Today, 'Innovation is the 'hot buzzword. Everywhere innovation is espoused by business leaders, government officials and the press. However, all of this talk of innovation has resulted is a fog of 'innovation smoke', but little 'innovation fire' and it's the latter that's required.

Our competitive advantage is rapidly slipping away, as global competitors in virtually every industry become more competitive. What historically has been our emense advantage, INNOVATION, is today often lacking. We may not be positioned to compete on the basis of price with the third world nations, we can however compete on innovation and win, but to do so we must focus on cretive ideation and open innovation.

Creating a culture of creative ideation and open innovation is the first step. Only where people are free and encouraged to actively innovate, does sustainable ideation and open innovation actually occur. The organization's keadership is responsibile for creating an atmosphere where ideation and innovation can develop. When this occurs, open innovation and the organization thrive.

John's open innovation work spans several decades and he has a proven track record of breakthrough innovation. If your organization needs to encourage and empower a new wave of open innovation, contact us to arrange for John to be the innovation speaker for your next meeting or ask us about his availability for open innovation consulting at your offices. We also offer support for open innovation at our Red Door Innovation Center.

Open innovation can turn marketplaces upside down. When breakthrough innovation occurs in your marketplace, will it be your company that is the innovation driver or will be one of your competitors? Being first in ideation and innovation can place your organization in the drivers seat.

Leadership Speakers Keynote Leadership Ideation Speaker

Progressive leadership recognizes the value that Ideation speakers can bring to their organization.

Ethics Speaker - Governance Speakers Keynote Ethics Speaker - Governance Speaker

Looking for ethics speakers that provide innovative and interestingideation and innovation keynotes? John Di Frances is recognized as on of the best speakers.

Sales Innovation Speakers Keynote Sales Innovation Speaker

Do you needsales ideation speakers andsales innovation speakers for your next event? John Di Frances is the ideation and speaker you need.

Marketing Innovation Speakers

If you require the services of a innovative marketing speaker, then you have arrived at the right website.

Innovative Negotiation Speaker Keynote Negotiation Innovation Speaker

Negotiation innovation speaker John Di Frances knows that successful negotiation outcomes require innoavtive negotiation stratigies.