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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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We are here to serve your needs. We believe that one of the best ways we can do this is to be helpful and easy to work with. We also understand that as a Professional Meeting Planner, your future depends upon your ability to identify the very best professional speakers, and to bring fresh ideas and insights to your audiences. Your clients, whether internal or external, count on you to provide them with exceptional materials, concepts and impact. For this reason, every time John speaks, whether it be a Keynote, Conference, In-House Seminar, Executive Retreat or other venue, he carefully researches the needs and issues facing that particular audience. No two presentations are ever the same. Each is meticulously crafted with examples, illustrations, and appropriate humor that will reach out and meet his audience where they are. His flexible style allows him to adapt his message to your group’s unique needs and circumstances.





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Are you looking for a motivational business keynote speaker? Contact us to schedule a conference call with John to discuss your program needs. As each keynote he delivers is crafted uniquely for that specific audience, John can accomodate most requests by program organizers to incoporate unique content or address specific issues. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with John.



Professional Speaker

Speaking as a professional speaker has been a major part of John's business beginning in the mid 1980's. Very few keynoyte professional speakers have the breadth of experience as John. Working for over thirty years with a wide range of client industries across multiple continents, enables John to draw upon a large variety of examples, illustrations and case studies in his keynotes.

A keynote professional speaker, John addresses business, assoication, nonprofit and public sector audiences gloabally on a variety of topics. Professional speakers like John bring vitality and increased excitement to meetings and events.

Whatever type of event you are planning, professional speaker John Di Frances will bring new energy to it. He brings excitement to your meeting and as a professional speaker, he also brings the depth of real world experience your attendees want to hear.

Professional speakers can challenge your audiences to think in new and vreative ways. Among motivational professional speakers, John is unusual in that he creates each keynote for that unique group, never using 'canned' speeches.

When your event calls for the services of a keynote professional speaker, call upon John to bring his skill as a professional speaker to your event.

Keynote Professional Speakers

Public Speaker

Consider including public speaker John Di Frances in your upcoming meetings. John establishes high standards for professional public speakers. The majority of keynote public speakers have extremely limited business experience, but John's business experience spans over three decades. From working in the areospace and defense industry to civilian sectors, his international experience provides a wealth of actual case studies that he uses in his public speaking to illustrate and reinforce his key points.

When you establish your agenda for your coming meetings, think carefully about theROI benefits to your organization of hiring a public speakers. Public speakers can bring fresh perspectives to attendees.

John Di Frances is a highly experienced, well respected motivational keynote public speaker. He has addressed audiences globaally on a diverse range of business subjects.

Motivational Public Speakers

Business Speaker

Business speakers span a wide variety of business experience, knowledge and expertise. John Di Frances is a keynote business speaker who has more than thirty years of global business experience. Whenever you require the services of a highly experienced and professional business speaker, consider John's ability to relate real life business illustrations.

Hiring the right profesional business speaker from among the hundreds of professional is critical to the results achieved by your meeting. John combines the perspective of international business experience with the ability to interact deeply and impact the thinking of audiences.

Just as each event which you plan is unique, so is every audience. As a keynote business speaker, John developes every business speech to address the specific issues each audience faces. He is speaks to the issues that are foremost on the mind's of participants.

John is a keynote business speaker that you can trust to bring to your meeting a new perspective and outlook.

Business Speakers

Motivational Speaker

Contact us first, whenever you need a motivational speaker. Motivational speaker John Di Frances is a well respected motivational speaker. Speaking on a wide variety of business subjects , he prepares each motivational speech to address the needs of that specific audience.

John's keynote motivational speaking is based upon three decades of solid business experience in executive level positions and global consulting. His real world approach enables John to deliver motivation, high value content to audiences. John is a new breed of keynote motivational speaker. Traditional motivational speakers impacted the emotions of their audiences, but rarely supplied the information neede by their hearers to create a lasting impact. John understands that to effectively motivate his audiences, he must simultaneously reach their minds and hearts. John's motivational keynote speeches provide rich content, equiping audiences to change their lives for the better.

As a motivational speaker, John uses numerous illustrations, stories and humor to impact his audiences. His approach combines that perfect mix of motivation and information. Whenever you begin planning your next meeting or event, consider hiring the keynote motivational speaker who will truly inspire and motivate your audience. John's motivational keynote will inspire and raise the dynamic of your overall event. Hire the keynote motivational speaker your audience needs and wants to hear and you will be the hero of the meeting.

And that is why Convention South Magazine named John as "One of the Most Desired Speakers".

Motivational Speaker

Keynote Speaker

What type of motivational keynote speaker would be best for your group to hear? A keynote speaker who has the ability to raise the interest of your attendees and to convey practical, readily applicable information that they can quickly put into practice. That is the role of business keynote speakers and few business speakers can accomplish that goal as well as John can.

He understands the challenges that your audience is facing from the ever increasing pressures of global competition to the need to accomplish more, more efficiently and effectively, with less resources. These are the types of nearly impossible challenges that face us everyday and John is the keynote speaker who can help your participants turn this challenge into successful outcomes.

You are charged with the task of finding the best resources for your meeting and that includes the motivational keynote speakers with whom your audience will relate well. Many keynote speakers can entertain your audience, but few can empower them to meet their challenges. Do they need to be motivated? Yes, certainly, but they also need the tools with which to make a difference. Motivational keynote speaker John Di Frances will accomplish both.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Keynote Ideation Speaker

Ideation is the name of the competitive game today and as an ideation speaker and ideation consultant, John will open new vista's in your organization's thinking. 'Think' and 'ask why' are two of his favorite statements during ideation keynotes.

At our Red Door Innovation Center ideation is preached and practiced as a core element of innovation. So whether you come to Red Door Innovation or have John as you Innovation and Ideation Speaker, you will come away with a new found appreciation for the power of ideation.

If you have an upcoming meeting or other event at which ideation will be a featured topic of discussion, then John is the Innovation and Ideation speaker to have there. His understanding of what makes the ideation process successful will enlighten your personnel. John Di Frances is your Innovation and Ideation Speaker.

Keynote Innovation Speaker

Innovation! What is in a word? In the case of the word 'innovation,' a storehouse of power! And that storehouse is precisely what innovation speaker John Di Frances brings to his audiences internationally.

A keynote innovation speaker who has used ideation and innovation to resolve many complex business issues, John is well acquainted with innovation's best practices. An innovation speaker who brings the latest in ideation and innovation thinking to audiences worldwide, he brings a wealth of highly useable information to each new audience. John's innovation speaking style is easy going and personable. Audiences and meeting professionals alike find him to be easily approachable as well as highly knowledgable.

When your event calls for an innovation speaker who will deliver the innovation content you want and that your audience requires to be successful, call on John. An internationally respected ideation and innovation speaker.

Motivational Leadership Speaker

When you book keynote leadership speaker John Di Frances for your next meeting, you and your group will come away pleased that you did. His style is friendly and personable, yet at the same time, he delivers hard hitting truths about leadership that you will be glad you did not miss. Whether discussing culture, performance, camaraderie, mentoring or any of the many other aspects of leadership, John is the leadership speaker you will want to hear again and again.

What makes him so different as a leadership speaker? Knowledge and experience. You see, he's been there and done it. He does not address the topic of leadership excellence from a textbook he's read, but rather from his own first-hand experience in executive and business management consulting positions.

John truly is a keynote leadership speaker who will shake-up your thinking on the subject of leadership.

Keynote Ethics Speaker - Governance Speaker

Ethics forms the only basis of trust upon which open business can flourish. Without it, you only do business with those to whom you are related or know either personally or through a direct relation - the Third World model. Ethics speaker John Di Frances relates that we are on the verge of losing that ethical basis that makes our open market system possible.

Where implicit trust does not exist, open business comes to a screeching halt. As a business ethics speaker, he relates the accelerating slide we in the western world are experiencing and the dire results that will arise if we do not change our ethical course.

His keynotes as a business ethics speaker are focused more on the practical side of ethical behavior than on the philosophical. As he states: "Without exception, the highly publicized ethical business lapses we have seen over the past decade have not been a matter of the perpetrators ignorance of acceptable ethical behavior, but rather of their blatant disregard."

If your program calls for an ethics speaker who will not pull any punches about the line between ethical and unethical business behavior, it's time to bring business ethics speaker John Di Frances to your group.

Keynote Sales Speaker

You need a sales speaker for your next sales meeting, but which keynote sales speaker should you choose? The answer is easy, John Di Frances is the right professional sales speaker for your next sales meeting.

Why John you ask? Because he has the sales approach that will make your sales personnel successful. He calls it 'Selling value, Not Price' and it's all about relationship selling.

John's relationship selling approach as a sales speaker will revolutionize the way your sales personnel look at selling. Choose the sales speaker who will make you a hero with your sales force.

Marketing Speaker for sales and marketing meetings.

Negotiation Speaker

Negotiation speakers can make the difference between success and failure when your participants are next called to the negotiation table. If you have hired the right keynote negotiation speaker, they will be equipped and confident to negotiate a WIN-WIN outcome. If the negotiation speaker you retained only confused them with too much complicated information regarding negotiation tactics and strategies, then they are likely to fail.

Negotiation Speaker John Di Frances highlights the importance of maintaining a long term approach to negotiated WIN-WIN outcomes. He demonstrates how a 'winner take all' or win-lose' strategy ultimately does more harm than the apparent benefits received. John is a keynote negotiation speaker who understands and values the power of long term business relationships and relates how to protect those relationships when negotiating.