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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Professional Speaker - John Di Frances



Personal Background

John Di Frances and his wife, Sally, live in Genesee, Wisconsin just outside of the Milwaukee metro area.  He is the father of five young adults, four daughters and one son – all of whom are, at least for the moment, out of school: one PhD, two with masters degrees and the two youngest having recently earned their bachelor's degrees. International travelers, the children earned their various degrees in Scotland, Australia and the U.S.
For recreation, John enjoys time spent with his family, vacationing in Door County and auto racing - the faster the better.

On a trip to Italy with his wife, Sally, John was introduced to the old world charm and elegance of a traditional, partially walled classic Italian courtyard.  Having just the right spot at home, he determined to create his own European courtyard, complete with fountain, reflecting pool and flowers, flowers everywhere. In the summer months, if you happen to hear water trickling in the background while speaking with John, it's a clear indication he's working outside.... on the Piazza.




John Di Frances - Keynote Professional Speaker



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Are you seeking a keynote motivational speaker? Contact us to request a conference call with John to discuss the keynote speaker requirements for your meeting. Each keynote speech John Di Frances delivers is created specifically for that unique audience. This makes it possible for him to accomodate the majority of requests by program organizers to incoporate special content or address specific topics. Among professional keynote speakers, you will not find any that have a greater range of experience in the world of global business.

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Professional motivational speaker John Di Frances is one of the most most respected professional speakers speaking today. He designs each motivational speech to motivate that specific audience, based upon their background, needs and the type of event.


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Contact us to arrange a time for a conference call with John Di Frances to discuss the possibility of having him as the speaker for your next conference, meeting or event.


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