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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Motivational Keynote Speaker


Unique Experiences

 If It's Pizza, The War Must Be On

So what does it mean when the Pentagon starts putting in pizza orders en masse? For years, John held a permanent Pentagon pass making frequent visits. At mid-afternoon on January 17, 1991, he noticed a dramatic increase in pizza deliveries.... a clear indication that Pentagon workers would be burning the midnight oil. John quickly surmised that the Gulf War would begin within hours. A quick call to his broker assured his interests were covered. As it turned out, John's conclusion was on target. At 7 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, Operation Desert Storm was launched.


The Time Machine

To save time and avoid hassle, travelers always try to book the most direct flight. Once, when timing was crucial, John traveled across time. Impossible? Not really. Simply board the Concorde in London at 10:30 A.M. and enjoy an outstanding travel experience. Even better, sit near the rear of the aircraft and watch the plane's fuselage flexing in flight like a giant serpent. A good meal, a short nap, and you have crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Arriving at New York's Kennedy Airport at 9:25 A.M. the same morning, you have, in fact, broken the time barrier. Unfortunately, the Concorde no longer flies.... a victim of high oil prices.


 Land Ahoy!

John enjoys the water and loves to sail. But, his first deep ocean sailing experience was nothing to brag about. Sailing with associates near Key Biscayne, he was basking in the warm sun, paying little attention to water depth. After all, they were miles from shore.

Suddenly, the boat ground to a abrupt halt and a loud scrape was heard from the direction of the keel. John and "crew" quickly jumped into the waist-deep water to free the stranded sloop. While her captain was enjoying the calm of a sunlit sea, the boat's keel had struck a hidden sandbar--five miles out from shore! So.... ignorance isn't always bliss.


All Stop for Tea

Everyone knows the British love their tea, but most people have no idea just how committed they are to this tradition. When John first began doing business with British companies, he was mystified by the practice known as 'Tea Time'. While his wife, Sally, is of British descent and drinks plenty of tea, in a professional setting, John found himself mildly frustrated by the disruption it caused. Nevertheless in the U.K. at that time, 'Tea' was faithfully observed within the home, workplace and even at major international industry exhibitions! It was not until John worked with a British tank crew and found their main battle tanks were fitted with a 'tea coil' for heating tea water that he finally gave in.

Today, most British companies have abandoned the ritual in exchange for the American compulsion for nonstop work. A pity. John's perspective is now quite the opposite; he would definitely agree, "It is the pause that refreshes." Surprisingly, John has been been informed by a reliable source that the younger generation may prefer coffee!


Island Adventures

Ever wonder what it would be like to purchase a magnificent $15 million oceanfront property on a warm tropical island? Sound incredible? Imagine posing as a buyer for the oceanfront property under an assumed identity in a foreign country, and wearing tape recorders to record every word spoken by your host. And what if your host, in this beautiful tropical paradise was actually an international criminal whose ownership of the property was artfully hidden behind a series of offshore corporations and trusts spanning several countries?

Sounds like a high adventure novel or maybe, a James Bond movie? Neither. At one time, John was asked by a European law firm to help with some rather unusual assignments — such as posing as a businessman interested in purchasing luxury properties in order to recover stolen funds.

Life on the edge is always an eyeopener, but sometimes it can get a little too exciting, especially when the bad guys get upset, find out where you live and protection in the form of a 9mm automatic and police protection becomes necessary. This development was extremely stressful for John's family. It's no fun when action dramas become the reality. Adieu action/thriller adventures!

Royal Canadian Mounties Pin

Worth recollecting...

The next time you see John, check to see if he's wearing his RCMP lapel pin. It was a gift from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in appreciation for his assistance in a Canadian bank fraud case.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

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Seeking a motivational keynote speaker for your organization? Then contact us to schedule a conference call with John to discuss your organization's keynote motivational speaker needs. As each keynote he delivers is uniquely prepared for that audience, John can accomodate most requests by event organizers to incoporate unique content or address specific issues. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with John. As your keynote motivational speaker, John will set the stage for meeting or event to become a true 'Learning' experience.





Business Speaker Business Keynote Speaker

John Di Frances is your business motivational keynote speaker and will help to make you revent a highly successful.


Motivational Speaker Motivational Speaker

Keynote motivational speaker John Di Frances is one of the most most respected motivational speakers today.

Representing a new style of motivational speaker, he moves far beyond traditional motivational speakers who focused solely on motivating their audiences, but provided little in the way of empowerment to actually make change occur. John knows that to effectively motivate his audiences, he must touch their minds and not only their hearts. His keynote motivational speeches provide valuable content, empowering participants to make the necessary changes in their lives and circumstances, allowing them to become more productive both personally and professionally.

His motivational speaking is grounded in decades of solid international business experience, both in executive level positions and global consulting. This real world experience enables John to deliver keynotes that are both motivational and high in readily usable content.

As a keynote motivational speaker, John utilizes a wealth of stories and frequent humor to motivate each audience. Creating that perfect mix of motivation and information, he leaves a lasting impact upon his hearers.

if you are seeking a keynote motivational speaker who will truly inspire and motivate your group, with a motivational message that they will long remember, then John is the keynote motivational speaker your need. Among motivational speakers, he is highly regarded and has a long list of client organizations he has served.

When choosing motivational speakers for your next meeting, remember that Convention South Magazine named John as "One of the Most Desired Speakers". This honor ranks him in the top few speakers in the nation.

Contact us whenever a need arises for motivational speakers. John will work with you to make your next event a tremendous success. Motivational Speaker

Keynote Speaker

It is common for organizations to utilize the services of keynote speakers for a wide variety of events. John Di Frances is a widely recognized keynote speaker. He is also a frequent keynote speaker for corporations, associations and nonprofits.

Among keynote speakers, John brings the highest standard of keynote speaking to audiences internationally. His unique blend of high value content, humor and high impact graphics captures participants' attention and ensures that this is a keynote speaker they will not forget soon. Lively keynotes with a high level of visual stimulation make for memorable keynote speeches.

Keynote speaker John Di Frances, is easy to work with for meeting planners. He recognizes that his keynote speech is just one part of your event and that frequently agendas and circumstances change, sometimes at the last moment. John strives to accommodate those unplanned 'hiccups' that all too frequently occur, even when they negatively impact the time allotted to him as a keynote speaker.

Whether your keynote need is for an opening keynote, closing keynote or a keynote speech that occurs sometime in between, John is a highly experienced keynote speaker that is certain to please your participants.

There are few keynote speakers that are as comfortable delivering a keynote speech to an audience of senior executives, as to new hires or the volunteer supporters of a not-for-profit organization. John is! His years of global business experience along with work on boards of directors and at all organizational levels, enables him to connect with all types of audiences as a keynote speaker.

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Contact us to arrange a time for a conference call with John Di Frances to discuss the possibility of having him as the speaker for your next conference, meeting or event.


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