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John Di Frances Motivational Keynote Speaker


"As our opening keynote speaker, John did an outstanding job of connecting with our audience, and delivered a compelling and thought-provoking presentation.  He was able to combine his expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on keynote."

Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International
Motivational Speaker John Di Frances

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Keynote Speaker



Motivational Keynote Speaker

Why is John the best choice as a keynote speaker for your organization? A breakthrough thinker, he provides compelling solutions for high take-away value. In a challenging economy, people need to know the personal value derived from your event will outweigh their time and expense.

In a survey by Successful Meetings Magazine, 93% of participants rated informational content as the most important criteria for attending a meeting or event.  As a leading business motivational keynote speaker, John delivers experience-based content with practical applications. And yes, John is entertaining!

How You Benefit from John's Keynotes:

The outcome of your event is critical and so is the selection of your keynote speakers. Whether a business conference, association meeting, sales conference or other event, every aspect is planned and coordinated to maximize attendee value. As keynote speaker, John Di Frances will achieve your organization's objectives.

"Time is money," and the investment of those attending should deliver a solid ROI. Although the location and setting are important, what your attendees hear, absorb and then take away as useful and actionable knowledge will ultimately determine the success of your event.

"As a keynote speaker, my goal is to equip people to overcome challenges and empower them to 'see' opportunities."

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Contact us at 262.968.9850 - - - 208 E. Oak Crest Drive, Suite 200, Wales, Wisconsin 53183-9700


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Are you seeking a highly experienced professional keynote speaker for your event? Contact us so that we can schedule a conference call between you and John to discuss your event. Since every keynote John presents is designed uniquely for that specific audience, John can accomodate most requests by program organizers to incoporate unique content or address specific issues. Call us today and we will schedule a time for your to speak with John.



Professional Speaker

Since 1985, peaking professionally has formed a significant aspect of John's work. not many keynote professional speakers have the extensive experience John does internationally. Decades of work within a broad range of client industries across multiple continents, empowers John to illustrate his speeches with a broad variety of examples as he speaks professionally.

He addresses audiences internationally on a wide array of business issues and current concerns. As a professional speaker, he brings vitality and increased excitement to all types of events and meetings. Including John as a professional speaker for your next event will greatly benefit your audience.

Whenever your meeting calls for a well respected professional business speaker, call upon John to bring his skill as a professional speaker to you and your audience.

Keynote Professional Speakers

Public Speaker

Often times, the term 'Public Speaker' causes confusion, as people are more accustomed to the term 'Professional Speaker' as opposed to 'Public Speaker'. However, the terms are interchangeable, having the same meaning. Public speakers are those who speak publicly, providing keynote speeches for events that are 'public' within the general meaning of the term. For instance, a keynote speech that is presented at company event, although not open to the general public, would still be an event at which a public speaker would deliver a keynote, as the audience is the 'public' of that company.

So referring to a keynote speaker a a public speaker or a professional speaker has the same meaning. Both earn their livelihood from speaking in public. Thus the term, 'professional' refers to a keynote speaker who is retained, versus a politician or a someone speaking at public events without being paid.

Keynote Public Speakers

Business Speaker

Businesses need the services of business speakers for a wide variety of business occasions, internal and external. Today, business speakers provide keynotes for a wide range of events that companies that sponsor meetings and events.

With the perspective of an outsider to the company, they bring a viewpoint that is refreshing and beyond the internal politics of the organization. Business speakers can present ideas and open lines of inquiry that are unpopular or simply unrecognized up to that point. Frequently, motivational keynote business speakers can also use the power of humor to shed light on internal inconsistencies or incongruities.

Creating value for organizations and participants is the role of business speakers. John Di Frances is a well recognized business speaker who consults and speaks professionally for audiences worldwide.

Keynote Business Speakers


Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers fill a very real niche among the ranks of public speakers. Their goal is to breath new life into their audiences through their keynote speeches in order to motivate them. Whether in the corporate world or in network marketing, the public sector or with nonprofits, all employees require constant motivation and this is a function that motivational speakers can rightly fill.

Many motivational speakers are simply that, i.e., keynote speakers whose sole purpose is to motivate their audiences. Other motivational speakers are also what we in the business call 'content' motivational speakers. In other words, our purpose extends far beyond simply making the audience feel good and 'charging them up' to go out and accomplish more. The problem with the purely 'charge up' approach is that the participants tend to 'drain back down' just about as quickly as they were charged up.

Once participants get back to the office or wherever else they work, the grind of daily work tends to de-motivate. High content motivational speakers not only motivate, but also provide their audiences with the tools with which they can excel at their work. Such empowerment is the work of high content keynote motivational speakers.

Keynote Motivational Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Whenever professional keynote speakers form part of a meeting's agenda, audiences look forward in anticipation to their keynote. We live in an age where professionalism is highly regarded and where the entertainment industry has evolved our experiences to where we expect a high level of finesse in programs. Just look at the next major event you attend in terms of the staging and lighting. Thousands or ten of thousands of dollars are regularly expended by corporations and large associations for staging and lighting for their events.

Given such expenditures for mere 'backdrops', what is the audiences' expectation as to what is delivered from the podium. Today, showmanship counts. But today, so does content, as audiences and sponsors expect to come away from an event or large meeting with tools with which they can better cope with the demands placed upon them.

Professional keynote speakers can meet both audience expectations:

  1. Pizzaz - The showmanship factor audiences have come to expect, and
  2. The real business content - The information they need to know.

Smart program sponsors understand that their investment into one or more professional keynote speakers for their event will pay dividends many times over, if they have hired the right keynote motivational speakers.

Keynote Speakers

Motivational Keynote Business Speakers

Hiring a professional speaker can breath new life back into your meetings and other corporate events. Professional speakers energize audiences and create an atmosphere of expectation and excitement.

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Ideation Speaker

Ideation is that spark that ignites the inquisitive mind. Ideation speakers are the ones who provide that initial spark. Ideation is critical to every organization, especially today, when the speed of competition and marketplaces is ever increasing. Few organizations have the luxury to take it slow and easy.

Ideation speakers can bring powerful new ideas to your organization. Through their experience and insightful comments, your personnel will gain a fresh outlook. Ideation speakers also challenge their listeners to not only think about where they can have the greatest impact, but to take action to drive positive change.

When your next meeting calls for a professional keynote speaker, think John Di Frances and think ideation speaker. An ideation and innovation speaker with broad business experience, he will light up your audience.

Keynote Ideation Speakers

Innovation Speaker

Innovation - The act of gaining new value from an idea coupled with an action. Professional keynote innovation speakers are value adders. They bring a world of new opportunities to light for their audiences.

John is a highly professional innovation speaker who rocks audiences' thinking. What may have worked well last year, last month or even last week, may not work well any longer. Innovation speakers like John recognize this fact of life. Accelerating change is the order of the day and it will only continue to increase the pace of your marketplace.

For your next meeting, add the challenge that only John can bring as an innovation speaker. His innovation and ideation speaking will forever change how your employees think. John's innovation speaking covers a broad scope of applications.

Keynote Innovation Speakers

Leadership Speaker

Organizations worldwide are always looking for a leadership speaker who can accurately address the current needs of organizational leadership. Leadership speaker John Di Frances does so, frequently speaking about such organizational leadership issues as:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Culture
  • Rewards

A leadership speaker is not a competitor to the internal organizational leadership efforts of your Human Resources department. Instead, as a professional leadership speaker and consultant, John works together in concert with your internal efforts to maximize the beneficial results achieved.

John has the business experience in management and executive roles on a worldwide basis to deliver the best in organizational leadership thinking to your personnel. If excellence in leadership development is on your list of organizational priorities, then hire John as the keynote leadership speaker for your next meeting.

Effective Keynote Leadership Speakers

Ethics Speaker - Governance Speaker

Ethics and governance form the bedrock on which every great organization is built. John's ethics and governance speaking is founded upon a solid basis in truth. He states, "Without the absolute of truth, there can be no enduring standard of ethical behavior in business."

The individual application of ethics will differ between organizations, but the foundational principles of ethical behavior remain constant. John's experience as a governance and ethics speaker has results in changed attitudes and actions by his audiences.

The next time you are in need of an ethics speaker, contact us to have John discuss with you how he can bring a new level of ethical awareness to your group.

Keynote Ethics Speakers - Keynote Governance Speakers

Sales Speaker

Sales Speaker John Di Frances focuses his sales message on two primary issues:

Relationship Selling, and
Selling Value, Not Price

This he does as a keynote motivational sales speaker because the vast majority of sales people do just the opposite. His long experience in high dollar sales has shown him that it is the way to success and he shares this message as a professional sales speaker.

Whether your sales meeting is a large national event or a smaller regional meeting, John is the perfect sales speaker for you. He is a motivational sales speaker who will make a believer out of your sales force as they apply the sales principles he shares.

Value Selling Keynote Sales Speakers

Marketing Speaker

Marketing and Sales are not the same, though often confused as such. As a keynote marketing speaker, John brings insights to his audiences that will open them to new concepts and ways of seeing and understanding their marketplace. Today, markets are changing so quickly, that what worked yesterday is probably already becoming passe.

When you require a high content marketing speaker, look to John to capture your audience's attention. For a keynote marketing speaker who will motivate your attendees, you need look no further.

John Di Frances is the marketing speaker who will bring the rave reviews you seek for your marketing meeting or conference.

Negotiation Speaker

Negotiations are a fact of everyday life. How well you negotiate in a variety of situations determines many of the outcomes in your life. Negotiation speaker John Di Frances has a vast experience base in high dollar value negotiations.

There are not many negotiation speakers that have successfully negotiated the range of agreements he has, from contracts and contract modifications to legal disputes. Nor has his experience been confined to the United States. A negotiation speaker who has dealt with the nuances of Napoleonic Law as well as admiralty law is a rarity among professional keynote negotiation speakers.

The benefit of selecting a negotiation speaker with his experience for your group is evident. He brings first hand knowledge of so many different negotiating environments to his negotiation speaking, that he can cover almost any negotiation scenario your attendees have encountered or likely will.

Keynote Negotiation Speakers