John Di Frances

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To Do or Not to Do, That is The Question

Is Not Getting Caught, Good Enough?

We live in a day when rarely a week passes without some new investigation or high profile ethics violation within corporate America making the business headlines.  Is it merely our culture's heightened awareness of the  problem that makes it more visible or is this a pandemic growing at an exponentially alarming rate?  The answer is both.  The rash of wrongdoing by corporate chieftains, which first became so publicly visible in 2000, has certainly raised both media and public awareness to the unbridled greed resulting in the demise of such notable companies as Arthur Anderson and Enron.  But the story does not end there.

Since then, the floodgates haven't only opened for companies with unethical incidents already brewing.  Rather, despite a clamoring for more investigations, prosecutions and the enactment of new laws and accounting rules, occurrences of corporate malfeasance have actually become more widespread.  John believes the problem lies deeper than merely a few highly placed, corrupt individuals within the executive ranks.  He maintains that, “We have allowed our perception of the purpose and methods of capitalistic business growth to become warped by an endless demand to squeeze more out of less.”

“As business people, we have lost our sense of purpose and with it, our souls,” John states.  Integrating  practical business ethics with a philosophy which sees business as an instrument for good, he presents a convincing argument that the economic and social future hangs in the balance of our ethical decision making.  Focusing on the role of both the individual's personal responsibility as a moral agent and the

organization's responsibility to society as the upholder and rewarder of ethical behavior, John articulately outlines the “journey back” from the ethical brink for corporate America.

Ethics can be a necessary yet boring topic, but not with John Di Frances.  Through story telling and illustrations, he captures the audience's attention and enlightens them as to the greater role individual decisions have upon us all.  Mandatory ethics training and continuing education credits aside, John's lively approach to this critical subject draws attendees.  His book Reclaiming the Ethical High

Ground: Developing Organizations of Character has been highly acclaimed by business leaders.


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Business Ethics Speaker