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John Di Frances


Delivering the Content Your Audience Needs & Wants

As a leading business keynote speaker AND AUTHOR, John delivers actionable, experience based REAL-WORLD content together with practical applications. John didn’t learn what he shares from a book, HE WROTE the BOOKS! And yes, John’s keynotes are highly entertaining! 😅

How Your Audience Will Benefit from John as Your Business Keynote Speaker

“Time is money,” and the investment of attendees and your organization should deliver a solid ROI. Although the location and setting are important, what your attendees hear and then take away as useful and actionable knowledge will ultimately determine the success of your event and their willingness to return in the future.

The days when offsite meetings were viewed as ‘perks’ are over. Today, both attendees and organizers expect meetings and events to produce positive value and ROI. As an innovative and strategic thinker, John brings a flood of fresh insights and perspectives to audiences. With astute thinking on the economic challenges organizations in developed as well as developing nations face in a rapidly changing world, he bridges the gap between where we are today and what we are currently doing to where we need to go and the transition necessary to get there expeditiously.

John’s unique ability as a professional keynote speaker to paint vivid pictures in the mind’s eye enlivens his keynotes as he merges cutting-edge information with remarkable insights and examples. His engaging style is enhanced by thought-provoking visuals, story-telling and humor. John’s years of extensive business experience and thoroughly practical problem-solving approach challenge and equip audiences with the knowledge and tools they need.

John inspires the imagination to move beyond the boundaries of perceived limitations and visualize a world of untapped opportunities hidden within the chaos of a fast-shifting marketplace and world. He shares innovative knowledge on how to navigate the changing seas and not merely survive, but THRIVE and SUCCEED!

Excellence in Innovation, Leadership, and Ethics hold the key to your organization’s successful future.
Think Innovatively! Think John Di Frances!




FAQ #1 – On what subjects does John speak?

John is able to provide keynotes on a wide variety of business topics based on his many years of international business experience. He believes that in today’s very uncertain economy, three topics are key to long-term growth, sustainability, and profitability. These are:

John is able to provide keynotes on a wide variety of business topics based on his many years of international business experience. He believes that in today’s very uncertain economy, three topics are key to long-term growth, sustainability, and profitability. These are:

    • Leadership
    • Strategic Open Innovation
    • Ethics

From this basis, he is able to craft a keynote for each individual audience to address the specific topics and issues the host organization wants addressed.


FAQ #2 – Are his keynotes stock?

Absolutely not. Even though the vast majority of professional speakers do present the same keynotes to every audience, with minor customization, this is not John’s approach. He firmly believes that each audience is truly unique, as are their needs. Therefore, he works with each client through written exchanges, phone conversations, and where called for, site visits, to learn the goals and desires of the event sponsor. In one instance, he spent two days, weeks before the meeting, visiting the client’s corporate offices and two operations centers, interviewing numerous individuals, and spending time on a barge tow on the Mississippi River. Just to get the full experience, he even piloted the tow briefly.

John believes that he must understand his client’s needs and desires to properly draft the most impactful keynotes. To this end, his research culminates with the preparation of a unique keynote presentation crafted for that particular audience.


FAQ #3 – From what city does John travel?

John resides west of Milwaukee and east of Madison, WI. He typically flies from the Milwaukee airport, although at times he travels from the site of a prior keynote or meeting with a consulting client.


FAQ #4 – Does John work with speakers bureaus?

Yes, John does work with a variety of speaker bureaus as well as directly with independent professional meeting planners and clients. When working with speakers bureaus, his fees are the same as when working directly.


FAQ #5 –  Does John have extensive experience in the areas he addresses?

John has held both corporate executive positions as well as worked as a business innovation and strategy consultant across a wide range of industries, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations both domestically and internationally.

Speaking professionally he has addressed large audiences, workshops, breakout sessions, and corporate retreats. Clients have included large multinational corporations, small businesses, associations, seminar companies, universities, federal and state government agencies, and not-for-profits.

He was the keynote speaker for the re-opening of Tulane Law School following Hurricane Katrina, and has instructed senior career Special Agents at the FBI Academy, co-located at the Marine Corps Base at Quantico VA.

John is also the author of five business books and has recently taken to writing political action thrillers.


FAQ #6 – What type of message does he deliver in keynote speeches? And, how does John interact with the audience in his keynotes?

John is a ‘high content’ business keynote speaker. We are often asked, ‘What does that mean?’ To set your mind at ease, he is NOT a boring professorial lecturer. Nor is he an entertainer. John’s keynotes contain serious content that when implemented can enable organizations to experience breakthroughs in markets, customer experience, new products and services, and other business aspects.

John engages his audiences with a lively and at times humorous presentation while focusing on delivering high content value. As he is half Italian, he speaks avidly with his hands as well as his voice. He does not lecture, he engages, at times moving off the platform and into the audience. His audience engagement methods vary depending on the audience, the size and layout of the room, and the type of meeting, i.e., keynote, breakout, panel discussion, retreat, etc. The videos shown above provide a sample of the types of venues, audiences, and methods of audience engagement he utilizes.

He firmly believes that to effect positive change, he must actively engage his listeners to both instruct and motivate them to action. Without positive action resulting from the keynote, there can be no improvement.

John also works with the event organizers to understand their goals for the entire event, not just his part. Whether his keynote provides the opening, closing, or occurs somewhere in between, impacts his approach. Except in infrequent circumstances, keynotes are not standalone. How each keynote address integrates with the other aspects of the meeting our event is important to achieving the desired results.


FAQ #7 -Does he use PowerPoint?

Oh, the dreaded PowerPoint presentations where halfway through the speaker announces in a reassuring voice, “Only 50 more slides to cover.’ Urrrgh!

No, he does not use PowerPoint in the traditional sense. He does utilize graphics at times to reinforce key ideas and demonstrate how to achieve outcomes as well as to avoid those that should NOT be achieved. His visuals often interject humor into important learning points. Humor helps us learn and retain.


FAQ #8 – How current is the material he presents?

Hot off the press at times. Literally! He has been known to add to or even radically change a keynote while watching the morning news over breakfast at the hotel the morning of his keynote.,

John is a constant learner. He loves learning and his interests span a wide range of topics. This together with his international business experience across a wide variety of industries and countries provides a deep reservoir from which he draws. As a strong proponent of Open Innovation (the cross-application of novel and successful ideas from one industry to another) he talks to trends and breakthroughs that are frequently unknown to the audience, showing how they can be successfully transferred to the attendees’ own organization.


FAQ #9 – Can you tell me something about John as a person?

Where to start? We have already covered the fact that John speaks from decades of real-world experience, not from ideas in books others have written. In fact, as the author of five business books, and two more which are in draft, the keynotes come from his own deep experience-based authority.

In addition to being a professional speaker since 2000, he actively consults to organizations internationally. And just to keep from getting bored, he has spoken at major universities, officiated at a funeral, worked undercover in the Caribbean in support of White Collar crime investigations, led a fraud recovery across more than 30 jurisdictions globally with a $10 Million budget, driven a race car (he loves auto racing and fast cars), and flew the Concorde to name a few interests.

On the domestic side, he has been married to his wonderful wife for many years, together they raised five globe-trotting children who are all now married and together have sixteen grandchildren.


FAQ #10 – What are John’s keynote fees?

Fees for John’s keynote presentations vary based on the organization, level of research required, and the presentations and participation beyond the keynote. In general, once on-site, John’s motto is to produce as much value as possible. “I’m already there, how can I provide the greatest help to the organization?”

For some organizations with budget limitations, small businesses, small associations, some government agencies, charitable, and religious not-for-profits, he often will speak for a reduced budget. This is part of ‘giving back’ which John believes in as a core business principle.

For more information regarding fees, contact us or your preferred speaker bureau.